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Emails with Reservety

Reservety growth plan includes professional email accounts which can be created on request. Professional emails are pretty much similar to your domain address for example:, or

To get started, your need to change your nameservers in domain name settings to our name servers:

Follow the tutorial of your respective domain provider to change nameservers.

Setting Up Professional Emails

 1. Change Nameservers

2. Go to Reservety My Account

After your nameservers have been changed, go to reservety my account and log in with your details.

3. Go to Email Settings

Next, go to the email settings area.

4. Enter Desired Emails

Next, go to the email settings area. Enter your desired email in the format:

For example, for our example domain, we have set up 3 emails:,, and

You can create up to 11 business emails.

Finally click the update button at the bottom

5. Check Your Account Email for Details

Next, check for the new email login details in your account email with Reservety.

6. Login with New Mails (Desktop)

To login with your new email on desktop, proceed with your webmail address in format,

For example, the domain has a webmail address,

7. Setup Mails (Mobile)

To setup an email on mobile, please proceed with  the following details:


Go to settings > Account > Add new account

Select Personal (IMAP)

Enter your newly created email as a username

(For example, that we created)

Password: Enter the password received in your email

Incoming server: (here is IMAP Port: 993 POP3 Port: 995

Outgoing server: (here is SMTP port: 465

Finally, Proceed, and wait for the sync to take place.

iPhone, Ipad, or iMac:

Proceed with the tutorial below and enter the details mentioned above in manual settings tutorial