Reservety Help



Emails Not Working/Not Getting Delivered

If you are facing issues with emails notifications not being received, or contact forms not working or emails going into spam/junk folder follow the tutorial below to troubleshoot the issue:

1. Check Current Email Settings

To check current email settings, go to

and enter your domain name. It will show your current settings for email.

2. Review Settings

In case your MX records are pointing to other servers than,you need to change your SPF record to improve the deliverability of emails

3. Change SPF record at your DNS provider

To ensure the emails from reservety are sent from your domain behalf we need to create or update you existing SPF record with including the following mechanism:

Navigate to your DNS provider TXT record and add this record:

– if you use Google for your email hosting:  v=spf1 ~all

– if you use Microsoft for your email hosting:  v=spf1 ~all

– if you use other provider for your email hosting:  v=spf1 include:(use nameserver) ~all