Reservety Help



Payments by Email

Reservety can help you recover payments for unpaid, or failed payment orders thus reducing the number of canceled orders. To ask for payments by email follow the tutorial below.

Asking Payments By Email

Send customers a link in an email to ask for payments. Follow the steps below!

 1. Go to Order

To ask for payment for an order. Go to order > order

 2. Select Order

Select the order for which you want to ask for payment by clicking on it. By clicking on order, you will be redirected to the order management page.

3. Ask Payment

To ask for payments by email, click on the ‘Order Actions’ button. And click on ‘Send email with Details’

4. Wait for Payments

When you click on the ‘Send Email with Details’ button, the customer gets an email with an invoice and a ‘Pay for this Order’ button in the email. When the customer clicks on this button, they will be on a payment form page where they can pay with available payment methods.