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How to Edit Footer

Reservety allows you to change or personalize footer content with an easy footer editing feature. 
Follow the tutorial below to edit the footer.

Editing Footer

If you want to edit the footer and make adjustments to contact details or links, you can follow the steps below!

 1. Edit Home Page

Go to website designer > website pages > Find ‘Home’ or any other page  > click ‘edit with elementor’

 2. Go to Theme Builder

Go to theme builder by pressing the buttons ‘Ctrl+ E’ to open finder and Type ‘Footer’ and then click on the theme-builder option in the drop down. or,

Go to the top left and click the ‘three-line’ icon and then click theme builder option

 3. Edit Footer

Now go to the footer section and click edit

4. Make Changes

Click on the desired section to make changes and edit details on the left panel. 

5. Save Changes

Once you have made changes. Click the ‘Update’ button on the bottom left to save changes.