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Customize Invoice

Customizing Invoices

Customize your invoices and attach them as a pdf in your order emails. Or send them with a click of a button to the customers with the Reservety awesome feature. To start customizing invoices follow the tutorial below!

Enable Invoice

Start by enabling invoice in your store!

 1. Go to Invoice Designer

To enable invoice – go to the website designer > invoice designer

 2. Enable Invoice

Enable invoice by clicking the ‘yes’ radio button

3. Assign Invoices to Order Statuses

Choose for which order status you want to send invoices to the customers. The invoice will be sent to the customer when the order has that status.

4. Attaching Invoice PDF in Email

Select yes from radio button if you want to attach invoice pdf in order email.

5. Enable Print Option for Customers

From the next option, you can allow customers to print invoices in the order email. You can also choose for which status print option is shown.

6. Add and Upload Logo and Signature

Next, add your logo to be shown on the invoice and the signature. The signature is optional but it is good to have one. After upload is done, click on the ‘update settings’ button to save.

7. Setup Invoice Number

Click on the Invoice number tab. And choose the number format and number length for your invoices. Then click the ‘Save Invoice Number Setting’

8. Customize Invoice

Finally to start customizing invoices. Click on the ‘Customize’ Tab on the top.

9. Creating a New Invoice Template

Finally to start customizing invoices. Click on the ‘Customize’ Tab on the top. You can also create a new invoice template from scratch by clicking on ‘create new template’ under “my template’

10. Edit Fields

Now you can add or remove fields in your invoice from the switch button on the right panel. To edit the fields like store name, address, logo, return policy, and footer. Go to settings > invoices > General tab

To simply edit font size and color. Click on field to reveal setting and change

11. Save

To save the invoice template click on the ‘save’ button on the top-right.