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Customizing Emails

Customize Emails

Customize emails with the help of an easy built-in email designer with Reservety. Built and send automatic emails when a custom perform a certain action.

 1. Go to Email Templates

Go to website designer > email templates

 2. Edit Templates

In the email template section, choose the template you want to customize then mouse over to see the edit option and click on it.

 3. Editing Elements

To edit an element in the email click on it and then make changes on the left panel.

4. Add New Element

To add new elements like text, image, or a button. First, go to the component tab on the top left and then add a column. Next, add the element of your choice.

5. Choose Email Type

Choose the email type from the ’email type’ dropdown on the top right.

6. Setup Rules

Setup when to send the email based on the available rules. Applying to billing countries, category, min. or max. order.

7. Add an Attachment

Add an attachment to the email by click on add file on the right side.

8. Preview the Email

See the preview for the email by clicking on the desktop or mobile icons on the right.

9. Test Email

To test the email select an order under the testing section on the right and then enter the email for ‘select order’ and click the email icon to send the test mail. 

10. Save Changes

To save changes click on the ‘update’ button on the bottom left. and then click red arrow icon to go back to the email templates.