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Add/Edit Checkout Fields

Collect information from your customers by placing a custom field on the checkout field. Reservety allows you to add/edit a custom checkout field with ease. Follow the steps below to start making changes.

Edit Checkout Fields

 1. Go to Checkout Field Editor

Go to Orders > Checkout field editor

 2. Edit Billing Fields

To Edit a Field, change the label text. You can similarly edit the shipping and additional fields.

3. Save

To save the changes click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

Add Custom Checkout Fields

1. Add Field

Click +Add Field in either billing, shipping, or Additional field tab where you want the custom field

2. Choose Field Type

From the dropdown choose the type of field – Select box, text, heading, date picker, dropdown, multiple select, radio button and others

3. Add Field Name

Enter Field name without any spaces. This name is not visible on the front end. 

4. Add Field Label

Add a label for your field. This label is visible on Frontend.

5. Enter Placeholder or Values

Enter the placeholder in the text field or optional choices based on the field type. For example – we have selected field type ‘Select Box’. To Enter Value – We have to place as

Grass | Gravel | Sand | Dust

6. Adjust Field Size

Next step select field position left, right, or full size. By selecting left and right, you can place two fields in one line. With full width, you can make the field full size.

7. Required Field (optional)

From the next field. select required to make it a required field.

8. Display Options

Select email or order details, or both if you want to display this field in either the mail or the order details page or the both area.

9. Save Field

Save a new field by clicking on the ‘Save changes’ button at the bottom.