Reservety Help



Creating Surveys

Reservety allows you to create surveys to take customer feedback about your product or services. You can also use surveys to build marketing strategies for your business. Learn how to create surveys on Reservety.

Example Form for Survey

1. Go to Form

Go to forms > New Form

or, Forms > Click (Add New)

2. Enter the Name for Form

Now give your form a name, We enter here ‘Store survey’ and leave the description empty. Click Create form button

3. Drag and Drop Survey Field

Now search the survey field from the search box on top-right. Drag and drop to the main area.

4. Choose Field Type

Click the setting icon on top of the field. Now choose the required survey field type – Likert, radio button, text field, rank, rating, radio button, checkboxes, and others.

You can edit the survey question on the right panel. And also can adjust choices from here. By clicking the ‘Enable Scoring’ Box you can add a number scale for the field.

5. Enable Rows

For Example: We create a Survey to Take Feedback on our New Rental Store with Reservety

We already have added a ‘Likert’ Field asking rating on the overall website design

Now, from the right panel, we can enable rows , and take rating on specific design or element on the rental store

6. Make it Required Field

Now from the required check box, you can make all the fields required.

7. Add Another Field

To Add Another Field, again search for the survey field and drag and drop below the field. you can add more fields a similar way.

8. Save Form

Once all the fields on the form are added. Click the save form button on the top right.

9. Attach Survey

To attach the survey to a page. Go to website designer > website pages > Choose desired page and click edit with elementor. Then drag and drop gravity from the widget. Then choose the survey form from the drop down.