Reservety Help


Create Manual Orders/On Phone/Point of Rental

Reservety allows you to feed phone, email, or in-store orders quickly in the system! It is game-changing when it is critical to be organized and stay productive. 

When you create a manual orders the status will be automatically set to pending payment. These orders will not be automatically reserved. Please check this article for more details.

You can also get payments in cash or charge the customer for the deposit or rest of the payment or late fees.

Create a manual order/phone/or at the point of rental simply for your customers when they ask for it, and even pay for them with available payment methods!

 1. Go to Manual Ordering

To create a manual order. Go to the orders > create order

 2. Add Order Details

Add customer’s name, choose product and add additional details for the order.

3. Adding/Editing Customer

You can choose an existing customer by searching for the ‘Name’ in the field, or, add a new customer by first clicking on the ‘Add or Edit Customer’ button.

Note: To edit an existing customer’s detail, search & select for the customer in the field and then click the ‘Add or Edit Customer’ button. After you are done, click on the ‘Hide details’ at the bottom

4. Selecting Booking Items

To add booking items, enter a few letters in the search box and select the product. Then book the product in the pop-up by entering the booking period and clicking the ‘Book’ button. Add all the products in a similar way.

5. Changing Booking Dates

In case of changing booking dates, click on the ‘Global Dates’ button and choose the new booking period.

6. Add Shipping Fee or Deposit (Optional)

To add a shipping fee, or, to apply a deposit click on the ‘More Options’ button. It will show up additional options where you can add an amount for shipping and deposit. You can also apply a coupon code here for the customers.

7. Apply a Fee or Discount (Optional)

Adding a Fee: To add a fee add the amount (without any sign) in the amount field and then add the fee name in the field just below.

Adding a Discount: To add a discount add the amount with a minus (-) sign and then the discount name. Example: -50

8. Offer a Custom Price

Instead of the regular booking price, you have the scope to offer a special price to your customer. Add a custom price in the ‘Custom item Price’ to apply the new pricing.

Remember to use the function only once to avoid complexity.

9. Choose a Shipping/Delivery Method

Finally, choose a shipping method to apply to your order.

10. Save Order

Finally save your order by clicking on the ‘save’ button.