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Create and Sell Gift Cards

Create gift cards and list them in your rental store for purchase. With the addition of gift cards, customers can purchase gift cards and gift them to their loved ones allowing you to generate more sales and awareness. Follow this tutorial to learn about gift cards.

 1. Go to Coupons 

Go to Orders > Coupons & Discounts

 2. Add New Coupon

Click on ‘Add Coupon’ on the top to start creating a new coupon

 3. Name

Now enter the title of your gift card. Remember to make sure the title does not have any space. For Example- NewYear15

4. Choose Discount Type

Choose the store credit/gift certificate from the discount type dropdown 

5. Enter Coupon Amount

Leave the coupon amount to 0.

6. Check Mark the Box

In the next step check the box ‘Coupon value same as product’s price’ , Make sure to not miss this step

7. Choose Format for Gift Card (Optional)

In the next step, you can enter a prefix or suffix for the gift card. For example, StoreName is Followed by the code.

8. Apply Usage Limit (important)

To avoid abuse of gift cards, go to the usage limits tab, and set the usage to a maximum 1 time.

9. Publish Gift Card

Check the ‘Auto Apply’ box to auto-apply available coupons in the store.

10. Create Gift Card Product

Next go to items > All items > Add new. 

11. Enter Details for Gift Card

Enter a title, for example, Gift Card, Enter the description and choose a category. It is best to have a separate category for gift cards/certificates. Finally, add a nice image for the gift card

12. Select Created Gift Card

Click the virtual box to make the gift card non-shipable and then search the newly created gift card from the search box. In the regular price field, enter the amount of gift card.

13. Choosing Design and format

Choose the design for gift cards that will appear in the cart and email from Settings > Store > Smart coupons. You can also choose the format and fo the other settings here.