Create Coupons or Discounts

Easily create coupons & discounts and promote them in your rental store. Follow the steps below.

Add New Coupon

  1. Go to marketing > coupons

2. Click on ‘Add Coupon’ on the top to start creating a new coupon

3. Now enter your coupon code without spaces in the title Example- NEWYEAR15 or generate one automatically by clicking “generate coupon code”

4. Select discount type

Choose from different types of discounts from the dropdown ‘Discount Type’

Percentage type discount: If you want to offer a fixed percentage discount.

Fixed Basket Discount: A flat discount on the cart value

Fixed Product Discount: A flat discount on a specific product

Gift certificate or store credit: They are usually used for creating gift certificates.

5. Enter coupon amount – fixed or perentage amount.

6. Select coupon expiry date and time

7. Finally click “publish” to save coupon

How to Auto Apply a Coupon

Auto-apply features needs “smart coupons’ app to be activated before you can enable this feature. If you don’t see the check box ask us in support channel to activate this feature.

Check the ‘Auto Apply’ box to auto-apply available coupons in the store.

How to Apply Usage Limit

Click Usage Limit to access this feature.

You can setup:

Usage limit per coupon – No. of times a coupon can be used
Usage limit per user – No. of times a user can use a coupon

How to Apply Restriction

You can apply restriction on coupon usage. The restriction condition could be min/max amount spend, quantity of product in cart, category of product, payment method, shipping method, user roles, attributes, etc.

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