Reservety Help



Coupons & Discounts

Easily create coupons & discounts and promote them in your rental store. Follow the steps below

 1. Go to Coupons 

Go to Orders > Coupons & Discounts

 2. Add New Coupon

Click on ‘Add Coupon’ on the top to start creating a new coupon

 3. Enter Coupon Details

Now enter your coupon code without spaces in the title. For Example- NewYear15

4. Choose Discount Type

Choose from different types of discounts from the dropdown ‘Discount Type’

Percentage type discount:
If you want to offer a fixed percentage discount.

Fixed Basket Discount: A flat discount on the cart value

Fixed Product Discount: A flat discount on a specific product

Gift certificate or store credit: They are usually used for creating gift certificates

5. Enter Coupon Amount

Next in the coupon amount field enter the amount. For example: when choosing the discount type ‘Percentage discount’ and entering ‘coupon amount’ 15 will allow customers to avail a 15% discount.

6. Enter Expiration Date and Time

Pick an expiration date and time from the fields when the coupon will become invalid.

7. Auto Apply a Coupon in Cart (Optional)

Check the ‘Auto Apply’ box to auto-apply available coupons in the store.

8. Apply Usage Limit (Important)

The most important step is to apply a usage restriction to avoid loss of revenue in-store. 

9. Apply Usage Restriction (Optional)

Choose when the customer will be able to use the coupon in the store. For example: On a minimum spend or a max spend. on a selective product or category. You can set the rules here. 

10. Publish Coupon

Finally save your coupon by clicking the ‘publish’ button