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Digital Contract Management & Waivers & e-Invoices

Contracts and waivers are required in two places. At checkout, if your customers book online and pay with credit card, and/or when the equipment is handover to the client.

When the customer books online, customer have to pay a small deposit or the whole amount on the checkout where all the terms & conditions are displayed. When customers agree to the terms & condition on checkout, they accept the contract and terms/waivers. Also because a credit card is tied to the user identity you can be assured that the user personal details are 100%valid.

When the equipment is handover to the client at the location or if they pay in cash, please read the following article.


To make customers read and approve your contracts, follow the steps below!

 1. Go to Pages

Go to Website designer > pages

 2. Edit Terms & Conditions

Click on terms & conditions > edit with elementor

 3. Enter Contract

Enter contract details on the terms & conditions

4. Publish

Save your contract by clicking the update button on the bottom left.

5. At checkout users must check the terms and conditions

Clicking on the bold text will open a popup with all the terms and conditions and with agree decline buttons.

There are also settings to make the users read the whole terms and conditions before agreeing to the terms.

6. Add Additional Waivers 

Different waivers can be added per product by using addons or item options. Follow this tutorial and add them as radio or checkbox

Additional waivers can be added at checkout too. Follow this tutorial: