Reservety Help



Charge for Late Fees / Extended Rentals

When your customer extends their rental period, you can charge them by editing their orders. There are three simple ways to charge them:

Edit Order and Charge them by CC for Extended Period
Edit Order and Ask for Payment by Email for Extended Period
Edit Order, take Payments in Cash and Record them in the system

Example: Customer Order Period: March 17 – March 20, decide to extend for 2 days. To charge for this order

1. Go to Order

2. Edit Order

Select the order of your concern and then click on it to edit.

3. Click Order Action

Now click the order action button and then select ‘edit order’

4. Change Order Date

On this manual order page, change the date by clicking ‘Global Dates‘ and choosing New Dates from the drop-down form. Finally, click the Change Dates button.

5. Save Order

Finally Click the Save Button at the bottom to save the order.

6. Charge for Additional Amount

Now when we change the date the order status automatically changes from processing to processing due payment. 

Now you have 3 choices – take payments in cash and record in system, ask for payment by email, or charge customer CC (if details are on the file)

7. Charge CC

Click Order Action. Select ‘Pay for user’.Customer details must be on file to perform this action.

8. Ask Payments by Email

Click Order Action. Select ‘Send Email with Details’.

The system will send an email with details of the order. User will have the option to pay by clicking on the link in the email.

9. Ask Payments by Cash

Take Payments in Cash at the time of delivery or return. Record payments in the system.