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Charging for Damaged Products

At any stage of rentals, you may never know when you receive a damaged product. There are 2 ways to charge your customers for the damaged item. Check the methods below:

Charge Waiver Upfront and Refund later
Charge Customer later with a Damage Fee and Charge their CC after Equipment Inspection

Charge Waiver Upfront and Refund later

1. Create Damage Waiver Fee

Go to the Items > Add Item Options

2. Add a Global Form

Select the order of your concern and then click on it to edit.

3. Add Radio Selection

Now click on Add Element and add radio buttons

4. Add Details

Now click on the edit icon. And you will see different tabs.

In Label Options, Label Field: Enter ”Damage Waiver”

In General Options:
Choose from Required Field Yes

Scroll down and in the Price Field, Enter Amount for Fee.
In Label Enter: Damage Waiver

Choose the Radio Button By DefaultĀ 

5. Save

Finally click the update button to save

6. Apply Fee to All Items

Now choose the categories or products to apply this fee. Finally, click the publish button.

7. Refund Fee

Once the fee is collected, after the inspection of the item refund the fee. To refund the fee, go to the order page.

In Transaction: Enter the amount and refund as cash, online, or account funds.

Charge Customer Later with Damage Fee

  1. Edit Order

To charge customers a damage fee for the product, go to the order page, click order actions > edit order

2. Enter Damage Fee

Click more options. Add amount and then in Fee name, enter: Damage Fee

Then click on the button. Add Fee or Discount

3. Ask for Payment

To ask for a payment online, click either

Pay for user

Send Email with Details

4. Record Cash Payments

If you receive payment in cash at the time of delivery or in cash. Record it in the system from transaction section