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Charge Customers' CC

If your customers pay for an order, their card details are automatically saved at your payment gateway side. These details can be helpful when customers want to extend rentals or you want to charge them for any fee later during the booking. With pay-for user feature, you can charge customer CC at any stage. Follow the tutorial below .

Example: If your customers have paid you a deposit, and the remaining amount is due. And you want to charge them the additional amount upon request. 

1. Go to Order

2. Edit Order

Select the order of your concern and then click on it to edit.

3. Click Order Action

Now click the order action button and then select ‘Pay for user’

Important Note: This feature will be visible only when you have payment is due (Order is in pending payment). And if the customer’s details are on the file. If your customers paid with Paypal or Cash at first, this feature will not work