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Change Logo

The logo is the most important and critical aspect of your online rental store. It helps build recognization, trust, and confidence among customers. Make sure to change the logo immediately when you start making changes. Here is what you need to do.

Change Logo for Desktop

There are 2 methods logos are placed. 

Normally as a logo Widget
HTML Block

In some templates, there are 2 logos placed. First for the front page and second for the rest of the site. So, you have to change for both type of header to make changes.

Changing Logo in Normal Widget (1st Method)

 1. Go to Website Designer

Go to website designer > Header builder.

 2. Edit the Current Header

Select the current header. To determine which one is current view the star icon. The current header will have a solid color star icon. Now click on the ‘pencil’ icon to edit.

 3. Upload the logo

Select the logo option. Click on the pencil icon on the logo option and upload your logo image.

4. Upload Logo

Upload your logo image. Adjust the width of the logo. We recommend not to change other options for the best functionality. Finally, don’t forget to click the ‘save’ button (IMPORTANT)

5. Save Your Header

6. Change logo for Mobile

Click the mobile icon on the top-right.

The last and most important step is clicking the ‘save header’ button

7. See Changes

Important Tip: If you don’t see changes, go on the top-right of your dashboard. And click on ‘Refresh website.

Changing Logo in HTML Block (2nd Method)

1. Go to Header

Go to Website Designer> Header > Edit Current Header. 

Now see if there is an HTML block instead of a logo widget. If yes then go to website designer > blocks

2. Edit Logo Block

Now find the logo block and click edit with elementor

3. Upload Logo

Upload your new image by first right clicking on the top right of the current logo. And when the settings of image is shown on left panel. click the image to upload new image. Adjust the size from style tab.

4. Upload Logo for Mobile

You don’t have to upload a different image size for the mobile logo in the HTML block. Click on the responsive icon on the bottom left. Then choose the mobile icon to adjust the size for mobile devices.

Now Go to the Style tab in the top-left panel and adjust width and height.

5. Save Changes

Click the green ‘Update’ button to save changes

Changing Logo For Specific Templates

  1. Boat, Camping, Events& AV, Yacht, Softplay Template


There are 2 logos with 2 headers placed in the these template. First overlap header and second header for rest of the site. Make changes to both headers to see changes. Make sure to click refresh website from top right on the dashboard after doing logo changes to see the change