Reservety Help



How to Change Calendar Type

Reservety allows you to change calendar types based on your rental period. There are three types of calendars available to choose.

1. Calendar with Date
2. Calendar with Time
3. Calendar with Single/Multiple Day Selector

Change Calendar type (Globally)

You can change the calendar type globally(for all products) to suit your rental store booking period.

 1. Go to General setting

Go to settings > general

 2. Time/Price Handling

Click on ‘Time/Price Handling’ Section to reveal calendar setting

 3. Choose Calendar type

Choose the calendar type based on your store rental period.

With Time increments, you can choose the gaps between the calendar like 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes.

When you want to allow the customers to book a period of 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm. You can select the time increment to be 30 minutes.

4. Update Settings

Finally, Hit the ‘update’ button on Top Right to save

Change Calendar type (Individually)

You can change the calendar type selectively for some product with this feature.

1. Edit Product

Select the product for which you want to change the calendar type and click edit.

2. Go to Turnover Padding Min/Max

Scroll down to find the turnover padding Min/Max section and click on it.

3. Change Default Type

Scroll down further to turn off the “Use Default Type’ switch to No.

4. Choose Calendar Type

Choose calendar type – Start and End Date, Start Date and End with Time, and Start/End Date with Single/Multiple Day Selector.

5. Update settings

Finally hit the ‘update’ button to save