Reservety Help



Accepting/ Recording Cash or Point of Rental Payments

With this feature, you can accept cash or credit card payments in your store and record them immediately in the Reservety. It helps you always be on track and keep reports completely accurate.

Accepting Cash/Point of Rental Payments

Accepting cash payments sometimes becomes inevitable in case of a walk-in, or at the time of making delivery!

 1. Go to Order

To ask for payment for an order. Go to order > order

 2. Select Order

Select the order for which you want to ask for payment by clicking on it. By clicking on order, you will be redirected to the order management page.

 3. Take Point of Rental Payments

Take payments in cash or accept credit card through a POS device. 

4. Go to Transactions

Scroll down to find the transaction section. And end the amount in the ‘Add amount’ Field

4. Choose Transaction Type

For the cash orders, choose ‘cash’ in transaction type but you can also choose cheque payments, cash on delivery (COD), Manual credit card, Wallet Funds, or BACS (bank payments).

For a point of rental payments, choose Manual credit card in the transaction after adding amount.

5. Record Payment

Finally, click on the ‘Record Payment’ Button