Blocking Calendar

Reservety allows you to block a specific date or period on the calendar. This unique feature lets you control booking and ease management process when out of the store. Additionally, this feature can be helpful during maintenance or replacement of inventory.

Block Calendar Globally (For All Items)

When you want to block a period for all items or products, follow the steps below!

  1. For example, to block – 20 oct to 25 oct, go to settings > date range > add new date

2. Add title – you can add any name to identity this range, let’s add like “20 – 25 Oct”

3. Select range type:

When you want to block dates select – Date (exact no repeat)
When you want to block time select – Time (repeat everyday)
When you want to block day of a week select – weekdays

4. Select date

Start date – 20/oct/2023
End date – 26/oct/2023 (25 Oct will complete at the start of 26 Oct)

5. Click “Publish” to save

6. Now go to settings > general > advance dates

7. We have two options here –

Disabled dates (to block all items)

Global dates (to block a particular item or a particular category of products)

Select the one based on your situation

8. Select your range by clicking “add disabled dates” and click in the field to select 20-25 Oct range

9. Click “Update’ to save

Block Calendar Only for a Specific Item

When you want to block a period for only a specific item in your inventory

1. Go to items > all items > select item > edit

2. Scroll down to find “Advanced disabled dates”

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