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How to Block Calendar Dates

Reservety allows you to block a specific date or period on the calendar. This unique feature lets you control booking and ease management process when out of the store. Additionally, this feature can be helpful during maintenance or replacement of inventory.

Block Calendar Globally

When you want to block a period for all items or products, follow the steps below!

 1. Create Date Range

The first step to block the calendar date is to create a date range for period you want to block. To create a date range go to. Dashboard > settings > Date ranges

 2. Add Date Range

Click ‘Add New Date Range’

 3. Enter Period Details

Now next step is to create a period to be blocked on the calendar. It can be blocking a date, time period, or week. Example 1: ‘For blocking weekend”

Enter title. We choose Range type- ‘Week Days‘. On the weekdays select ‘Saturday and Sunday’. Finally hit the ‘publish’ button.
Example 2: ‘For Blocking Date”. Like 25th December.

We choose Range type- ‘Date – Exact (No Repeat)‘. On the start date select – 25th and end date select- 26th

Example 3: ‘For Blocking Hours”. This is the most tricky one. Let’s say we want to block 4 pm – 6 pm.

We choose Range type- ‘Time (Repeats every day)‘. On the start time selected – 16:15 pm( we have to choose anything above that mark) and end time select- 17:59 pm 

4. Go to Advanced Dates

Finally, go to settings > general > advanced dates. 

This section has 3 features. Disabled Dates, Global Disable Date by Products, and Allow Only dates. 

5. Add Disabled Dates

We have to disable the dates for all products or items. so we choose the disabled dates section and click on “Add Disabled Dates’. In Date select your newly created date range, in type select ‘Block for start date’ and ‘Block for the end date’. Finally, click on the update button to save.

Block Calendar for Individual Products

When you want to block a period for only selected products follow the steps below!

1. Repeat the Above Steps

Follow the above steps:

Repeat the Step 1
Repeat the Step 2
Repeat the Step 3

4. Edit Item

Go to the item or product for which you want to block the calendar period. Click on Edit.

5. Go to Advanced Disabled Dates

Scroll down to section advanced disabled date and turn off the ‘Use Default Disabled Date’  switch to ‘No’.

6. Add Disabled Date

Click on ‘Add disabled date’ and enter the new range in ‘Dates’ and ‘block start and block end dates’ in type.

7. Update or Publish

Finally, Hit the ‘update’ button on Top Right to save