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Automatic Translation

For the automatic translation, we need the Google translate API. 

Creating APIs

 1. APIs We Need

For the Automatic translation to work, we need to generate Google Translate API keys

 2. Go to Google Cloud Console

To start creating APIs go to and create an account or use an existing Google account

3. Add a Billing Account

For the API services to work, we need to add a billing account. Click on the three-line icon on the top left and click on billing.

Note: The billing account is used by Google to make sure the services are not spammed and you will be charged when the services are used by a high amount of web traffic.

4. Link Billing Account or Add New

You can link a Google Adword account or add a new account by entering your details.

Note: The billing details are used to ensure you are not a robot and services are not spammed or misused. You are charged only when the services are used prolifically.

5 . Add New Project

After you have added a billing account. Create a New Project by first clicking on the dropdown right of the Google Cloud Platform logo and then clicking on ‘New Project’

6 . Enter a Project Name

Next enter your project name. You can enter your store name.

7 . Select Your Newly Created Project

Now select your project from the notification on the top-right.

8 . Go to Explore and Enable APIs

Scroll down to find the Getting Started section and click on Explore and enable APIs. And Then Click on Enable API on the top

9. Search and Enable All APIs Services

Now search each of the required API services one by one and then click on enable.

Required APIs are:

Cloud translation API

10. Create Credentials

The next step is to go to Credentials > and Click + Create Credentials

11. Select API Key

From the dropdown select the API key.

12. Edit API Key

From the Pop-up select ‘Close’ and then click on the pencil icon to edit.

13. Enter API Details

Enter API key detail:

Name: Google Translate API key

API Restriction: Select Restricted Radio Button

and then search and checkmark Cloud Translate API

Finally click OK

Then tap the Save button

14. Use API Keys

Use API Keys by copying from the key section