Reservety Help



How to Add Specific Emails on Completed Status

You can add specific emails asking for feedback/reviews/or experience on order completion. The email notifications are sent as soon as you mark the order complete.

 1. Go to Order Status Emails

Go to settings > store > order status emails

 2. Add Email Type

Click the ‘Add Order Status Email’ to add a custom email type.

3. Add Triggers for Sending Email

Add name for custom email.
Select type: Admin or customer
Add condition for dispatch: choose status ‘Any’ to ‘completed’

4. Save Email Type

Click ‘Save email’ to save the custom email type

5. Enable Email Notification

Check the enable this notification checkbox

6. Add Details of Email

Add the details like subject, email heading, and email body. You can customize email for this notification in email customizer.

7. Add Email Template

Go to website designer > email templates. Duplicate default email. 

From email type – choose Review/feedback

8. Customize Email

Customize the email template by changing subject and body text.

9. Publish Email

Finally click the ‘Publish’ button