Reservety Help



Adding Simple Sellable Product

On Reservety, you can sell products apart from taking booking for your rental items. To add an item with a selling feature follow the steps below!

 1. Go to Items

Go to items > all items

 2. Add New Item

Click on ‘Add New Item’ on the top. 

3. Add Item Details

Enter Item Name and Item Description.

4. Add Featured Image

Click the ‘set product image’ to add the featured image

5. Add Gallery Images

Click on the add product gallery images to add gallery images

6. Add to a Category

Create a new category by clicking on ‘Add New category’ then enter a category name, or check the box to add to an existing category 

7. Turn Off Booking Feature

Set ‘Is Bookable’ switch to No 

8. Add Pricing

Add your pricing in Regular Pricing section 

9. Add Stocks

Add inventory stocks by first clicking the inventory tab and then checking the manage stock box.

10. Publish

Save item by clicking the publish button