Reservety Help



Adding Higher Pricing for a Period​

Set up higher pricing for a specific period beforehand to increase revenue. Get advantage of the high season and holidays by setting up variations in your item pricing. Do it with ease with Reservety.

 1. Go to Date Range

Go to settings > Date Range

 2. Create Period

Click on ‘Add New’ on top to create the period.

 3. Enter Period

Enter the period, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly period. 

Example: To create a period of 1st-31st march

Enter title ‘March’, Range type ‘Dates’, Start date ‘1st March’ and End Date ’31st March’.

4. Publish

Save your date range by clicking the ‘Publish’ button.

5. Go to Item

Choose the item for which you want to set the high price and click on edit.

6. Enter Pricing

Enter the new bookable pricing for the specific period and turn on the advanced switch.

7. Select Date Range

In Use Ranges select ‘Start and End date are in range’ then select your created period “March’

8. Save

Save your settings by going to the top and clicking the ‘update’ button on top-right.