Reservety Help



Adding Deposits

With Reservety you can take partial or full upfront payment at the time of ordering items. It helps you secure the booking and avoid liability due to cancellation or any other issues. You can take deposits in 4 ways:

1. Fixed Deposit Rate
2. Percentage Deposit Rate
3. Both Fixed and Percentage Based
4. Deposits Per Product or Category

To enable deposits in your store follow the step-by-step tutorial below.

Adding Deposit Rate

You can take flat-priced, percentage-based, or a combination of both deposits with this feature. You can even restrict the deposit feature to only some of the products. To start taking deposits use this guide below!

 1. Go to Settings

To enable deposits go to settings > general

 2. Go to Deposit Settings

Find the deposit settings in the rental general settings area. Click on it.

3. Add Deposits

Fixed Deposit Rate: In the ‘Fixed Deposit Rate’ setting enter the deposit flat priced. For example: if you want to take a $50 deposit on every order. Enter 50.

Percentage Deposit Rate: In the ‘Percentage Deposit Rate’ setting enter the percentage of booking price you want to take a deposit as. For example: To take a 10% deposit on the booking of 500. Enter value ’10’ in percentage deposit rate field

Use Both Fixed and Percentage: In this field, you enter a booking amount up to which a Fixed-price deposit will be applied, and over this value, a percentage-based deposit setting will be enabled. For example, if you have added ‘Fixed Priced Deposit’ of $50 and a Percentage based deposit of 10%. And added a value of ‘5000’ in this field.

Upto 5000, a deposit of 50 is taken and over 5000 a deposit of 10% is applied.

This feature allows you to add a fixed or percentage-based discount on a specific product, category, per role. To add click on add row.

Choose a ‘category’ in the “product category’ field, or product in the ‘product’ field, or apply to a specific role in the store.

4. Tax Settings

Choose whether you want to take a deposit inclusive or exclusive of tax.

6. Save Settings

Click on the ‘update’ button to save your settings.