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How to Add/Edit Menu

You can add, delete or remove menu items and place them at the desired location in the header or footer. To make changes menu follow the steps below.

Creating New Menu

If you want to create a new menu or delete one, follow the step-by-step guide below.

 1. Go to Menu

Go to website designer > Menu

 2. Create New Menu

Click on the ‘create a new menu’ text on the top

 3. Add Menu Name

Enter the menu title and click on the ‘create menu’ button

4. Add Items in Menu

Enter the menu items from page section on the left in menu area by selecting the pages from the ‘view all’ pages tab. You can also add menu items from other sections like posts, custom links, landing pages ,or others. Select the choices by checking the box and then click the ‘Add to Menu’ button to add items to Menu.

5. Add Product Categories

To add product categories to the menu > go to the bottom section and select the categories of your choice from the ‘view all’ tab and click ‘ add to menu’

Important tip: If you dont see product categories section in the menu area. Go the top-right and click on ‘screen options’ and then check mark ‘product categories’

6. Assign Submenu Items

To create submenu items. Drag and drop menu items under a selective category.

7. Save Menu

To save the menu click on the ‘save menu’ button on the bottom right.

8. Delete Menu

To delete a menu. Click the delete menu button on the left in the menu area and then press ‘ok’ in the pop-up menu.

Editing Menu

If you want to edit a menu! follow the steps below.

1. Select Menu

To edit a menu select the menu from the drop-down and click the ‘select’ button.

2. Add or Remove Items

Click on the desired items from the left menu section and click on the ‘add to menu’ button to add.

To remove the item from the menu. Click on any menu and then click on remove, or check the box in front of the item and then click ‘remove item’ button at the bottom-right.

4. Save Menu

Save the menu by clicking on the ‘save menu’ button on the bottom right.