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Adding Payment Method

As soon as you are ready with your rental store on Reservety, you can add a payment method to test the payments on Reservety. Before you can start collecting payments, add your desired payment gateway and review it by entering test credentials for any hiccups.

Add Your Payment Method

If you are ready to enable your favorite payment method in your rental store, follow the steps below!

 1. Go to Store

To add your desired payment method go to settings > store

 2. Go to Payments Section

Click on the payments tab on the top to see further available payment modes.

3. Enable Desired Payment Gateway

Click the switch icon to enable the desired payment gateway and then click on ‘save changes’ button.

4. Add Credentials

The payment method is enabled. Now click the ‘manage’ button to start entering your details for the payment gateway to work.

5. Enable Desired Payment Gateway


Check the box Before ‘Enable Standard PayPal’ to enable the module on the store. Enter your PayPal email.
Then, check the box ‘Enable PayPal Sandbox’. With this feature, you can test payments before you can actually start receiving payments from customers. 

Recommended:It is highly recommended to enable sandbox mode before enabling live payment module.

When you want the payment to be in operational mode, you can uncheck the sandbox feature. Then, you will be able to add ‘live credentials’

6. Add Credentials

Enter your test credentials like Sandbox API username, Sandbox API password, and Sandbox API signature. Then click the ‘save changes’ button on the bottom for the module to start functioning., or 

Uncheck the ‘PayPal Sandbox Module’. Then scroll down to Enter your live credentials like Live API username, Live API password, and Live API signature. Then click the ‘save changes’ button on the bottom for the module to be in production mode.