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All-in-One Fitness Equipment Rental Software

Reservety's Fitness Equipment rental software will help you rent out fitness equipment such as treadmills, stationary bicycles, training benches, dumbbell sets, and many others through fully automated rental software.

Reservety Winning Features

Customizable Rental Inventory Reports

Invoices & Packing List with Custom Design

In-store, Phone, online and quote orders Support

Digital Contracts, E-Signatures, and Waivers

Pay online with Deposits or Pre-authorizations before rental dates

Customer Account with Memberships and Groups Support

Customizable emails and notifications

Stunning Website Design with Ecommerce support

Lighting fast and
Frustration free support

What Makes the Reservety's Rental Software Different?


We priced our Fitness Equipment Rental Software lower, not because it includes fewer features and tools, but because we value our customers and try to give equal opportunities for both starters and professional businesses.

Free Migration and Customer-Centered Support

We will migrate your existing website to our platform for free. Additionally, we provide customer-centered support to get the clients going without interruptions.

Marketing Package

The software focuses not only on the practical side of the business but also cares about your success. Therefore, we included tools to create banners, newsletters, catalogs, and surveys. Also, we provide you with the means to deliver those promotions to your customers in minutes.

List of Features to Grow Your
Fitness Equipment Rentals

rental store for fitness rentals

Online Rental Store

Reservety includes various tools, integrations, and customizable templates to create your professional website without coding knowledge. You will build the website on our 100% reliable cloud-hosting platform.

Your new rental store will allow you to showcase your fitness equipment with attractive photo galleries, communicate with potential customers, and let them rent your products in the comfort of their homes 24/7.

Online Booking and Reservation System

Reservety lets you accept bookings and reservations 24/7. Your customers will be able to browse through your fitness equipment, select relevant ones, pick rental periods, and finalize the deals independently.

The reservation system also works in a similar format. But, to let your customers secure products for specific periods, the system enables you to accept deposits as a confirmation.

booking system for fitness rentals
Fitness rental calendar

Availability Calendar

Our software has an availability calendar that lets you see which products are available for particular dates and hours. The calendar system is fully synced with order and inventory management systems and automatically gets updated after transactions or bookings.

Online Payment Processing

Nowadays, people find it convenient to book and pay for rental items online. Therefore, our software will allow you to process online and offline payments. In other words, your customers can pay for fitness equipment with Visa, MasterCard, American Express,, PayPal, Square, Stripe, and others.

Payment processor for fitness rentals
invoicing system for fitness rentals

Professional Invoicing System

You can also create professional invoices to request payments from clients by uploading your business logo and signature. Have the invoices delivered to customers’ inboxes within a minute with the help of a built-in emailing system. The best part is that you do not have to calculate the invoice amounts manually; the system will automatically fill that out for you in seconds.

Inventory Management System

The inventory management system allows you to manage your fitness rental equipment and other related products electronically. First, it will enable you to add your rental items to the digital warehouse by labeling them with unique serial numbers.

Secondly, it shows you the usage of each inventory. You can view an item’s availability, lockout periods, expected return dates, usage history, etc. Additionally, the system lets you update stock quantities, add notes and pictures to inventories, and automatically turn off the item from the rental store when you are out of stock.

Inventory management system for fitness rentals

Customizable Checkout Pages

With Reservety, you can create various input fields to obtain customer information, a dropdown-down menu with shipping methods, a selection of payment options, and many other features to complete the checkout process.

Additionally, you can deploy a coupon code validator on the checkout page to let your customers enter their discount coupons and display related products to maximize your revenues.

Ability to Create Sellable Items and Bundles

In addition to fitness rental equipment, you can sell items through our software. For example, in addition to a treadmill, you can sell treadmill accessories such as a cup holder, armband for cellphones, clip-on mounts to hold tablets, cooling towels, etc.

You can also bundle the rental and sellable items together and offer them under a package deal. Our software lets you utilize your utmost creativity to increase your sales.

software to sell fitness accessories
Order management system for fitness rentals

Order Management System

Fitness Equipment Rentals require a series of administrative tasks. Luckily, you can do all of those tasks electronically within minutes.

Accessing the order management system allows you to approve or cancel orders, view customer information and order details, change account balances, and update order statuses. You can also extend rental periods, add or remove items from existing orders, and send customer payment requests and invoices.

Professional Notification System

Reservety lets you establish a reliable communication bridge between you and the fitness equipment renters. Firstly, it allows you to set up various automatic messages that will be sent out depending on the order status or actions.

Similarly, the notification system will update customers about approaching deadlines, order cancelations, policy changes, order status changes, etc.

notification system for fitness rentals

Social Media Integrations

Sharing your fitness rental equipment and related content on social media may increase attention towards your business. For that reason, we included tools to integrate your fitness rental business with popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others.

Additionally, you can feature a “share” button under each rental product so customers can share them with their close ones across all those platforms with a single click.

Rewards System

Giving renters reward points may bring them back for more business because those points can be exchanged for qualified products and services through your website.

The reward system will let you create a point distribution mechanism based on sales amounts, set conversion rates for points, and have your customers redeem those points during the checkout process.

rewards system for fitness equipment rentals

Google Analytics

You can view real-time, daily, weekly, and monthly traffic by simply linking your website with your Google Analytics account. Additionally, Google’s analytical tool will show your customers’ demographic and geographic details, such as ages, nationalities, and areas.

Using that data, you can run a successful marketing campaign targeting specific community groups.

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