reservety was born mainly from the idea to replace the pen & paper from your bookings and reservations with a modern and easy, always available system to manage your assets and operations.

If you have a physical/offline store and a presentation website or none, reservety will fill the gap between them, so you and your customers will know in real-time what is the availability of your assets, keep track of statuses and transactions, communicate with and centralize  customers from different channels(web, phone, physical) and keep track of conversations with them, send them personalized emails and allow them to pay online.

reservety automates  most of your day to day operations and gives you more time to focus on growing your business.

No, because Reservety is by itself a website builder. Embedding in an iframe won’t work, but you can link to your instance or you can have a separate domain.  Read the question below for more details.

Yes, you can, but remember that reservety offers website design & hosting and you don’t need to pay these services to your current provider any more. reservety is based on WordPress & Elementor, our hosting is top grade and managed, updates are included and security guaranteed. You will experience faster website and SEO optimizations when you move to Reservety.

  • Start the $68 “Support” plan that includes custom web design
  • We create an exact clone of your website header, footer, colors, images and other elements so your visitors won’t see any difference when moving between your original website and reservety
  • Create a subdomain like rentals.yourdomainname.com and link it to reservety. 
  • Add a new item in your website menu linking to your subdomain rentals.yourdomainname.com.

This is the main function of our booking software. Our System is NOT JUST a Website builder for Online Booking but a full Cloud Rental Software. You also have powerful reports and full control over sending and returning items.

If you use geofence and distance/time costs per delivery, we have 2 options available:

  • Pay to google directly. The cost is $7 per 1000 calls with 1000 free calls per month included. The setup takes 10 minutes and must be done by you following our tutorials.
  • Pay to reservety. The costs is still $7 per 1000 calls but you have only 150 free calls per month
Every time a customer uses the checkout there is 1 call to the API to calculate the distance and time for delivery.

Our Showstopper plan includes professional website design with a fair use policy.

Yes. You can use your own domain, you just need to point an A record to our server IP

Yes, in the growth plan you have up to 10 email addresses

Secure and performance managed hosting is included with Reservety.

There are no bandwidth fees. Unlimited traffic.

The software is based on WordPress. 35% of all internet websites are based on WordPress. It has a drag & drop editor, can be either Gutenberg or Elementor based on your level. If you don’t want to learn anything about design or website, your dedicated account manager can help you with anything.

Yes, we offer a 15% discount on annual plans, when they are paid upfront for “Growth plan” or bigger

Our booking system accepts complex bundle types. You can combine multiple variations from multiple products. .


We have included translations for almost any existing language, but you can change any text by yourself, so no matter your language you are covered.

Yes our system has RTL support. Actually we have a good amount of clients in the UAE area.

Yes Reservety is mobile optimized for all mobile devices.