Simplify Planning with Event Booking Software

With our event booking software, planning and completing successful would no more be challenging. Use our easy to use interface and unique features to bring a new change in your existing business.

Our event booking system to simplify plans
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Entice more customers with our event booking system

Draw Customers to Your Rental Business with Points and Reward System

Grabbing customers’ attraction will no more be a puzzle for rental owners. With our event booking software, you can easily create a point and reward system to generate more visibility and recognition for the rental business. Offer rewards for points earned on performing rental activities.

Turn the Needle in Favor of Customers with Multi-Currency and Language Support

Enhance the credibility of your rental business by accepting payments in multiple currencies. With our event booking system, you can accept cash in any currency. Plus, you can change the language of the store and software to support rental tasks.

Multiple Currency Setup
Accept instore order with our event booking software
Experience real time inventory update with event booking software
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Plan Resources Better with Our Event Booking Software

Buckle up to witness the change in your rental business. With our free rental website, you will experience more customers and revenue by taking bookings quickly without hassle. No more complex procedure, take advantage of our easy to use solution and boost your growth.

Use our POS rental feature to take in-store bookings within a quick period. Our POS Rental solution furnishes all the rental details into the system to process an order within minutes. Generate documents, allot bookings, and take payments quickly.

Take advantage of real-time update feature to showcase inventory instantly. Avoid cancelled orders due to the unavailability of inventory items with our event booking software. So, your customers always view the equipment in real-time once it becomes available.

Use our CRM solution to interact with customers and take care of their issues. Our rental system has built-in CRM solution that allows you to review complaints and feedback and work on it on a priority basis. So, you can always expect a positive impact on customers.

Here's why our customers choose us

"Reservety helped our party rental business grow 3x faster by allowing our customers to book online and taking care of every aspect from payment to delivery!"

Eric Mayerson - Owner

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