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Equipment Rental Software - Case Study - CameraPDX

For, some business areas were downgrading the performance and productivity of their rental business. The company wanted to leave no stone unturned in its mission to be the most sought-after name in the camera rental business. So, they connected with us & here is how we helped them.


Keeping up to date with the best sophisticated rental technology is always crucial for the CameraPDX Company. Managing and furnishing rental orders resonating with the customer’s convenience is one challenge. And, keeping the business profitable and productive was another. While the CameraPDX was using a rental solution, it was still at large, distant from their much-anticipated milestones. So, how did we transformed their landscape and brought out an effective rental solution for them?


CameraPDX has a long history of dealing with cameras for photography. The company has been using a rental website for a long time. Although, the platform particularly Magento offered the design capabilities. The most crucial aspect of inventory booking and management are still missing from the rental business. Above all, Magento is always pretty expensive.

Magento is incredible from an eCommerce point of view. But to offer unmatched rental functioning& experience third party extensions are indispensable to achieve the flawless booking experience.

Magento VS Reservety: Which rental solution is better?

The company was sceptical not only about its effectiveness but also about its functionality and development scope in the long run for other customizations such as damage waiver, & others. While Magento is a great eCommerce solution and has tremendous design capabilities, it could not offer the full-fledge rental solution the firm needed to have an edge over their competitors. We knew how to make this happen and hopefully, the company collaborated with us to bring the idea to life.


We at Reservety did our due diligence to determine the issues with their rental business and come back with a powerful rental solution for them. Not only, Reservety reduced their rental cost to half but also elevated their profits at unimaginable levels. CameraPDX now have a rental store design and hosted on Reservety which is far Apart from the inventory management and reporting functionality, we offered some astonishing bespoke features such as-

  • Damage Waiver per Product
  • Integration
  • Exclude Weekend Pricing for Total Price of Rental

more outstanding than the Magento in terms of performance and speed. The most spectacular part it is way cheaper than the former one.

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