Dress Rental Software for Clothing and Fashion Stores

Dress rental is getting popular in today’s economy. To enable fashionistas to rent out dresses online, Reservety developed All-in-One Dress Rental Software. The software comes with web-building tools, a 100% reliable cloud hosting account, inventory and order management systems, up-selling and cross-selling features, an instant quoting system, an availability calendar, etc.

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Our Dress Rental Software does not require any coding knowledge. The setup process is simple and quick.

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Website for dress rentals

Online Rental Store

To grow your dress rental business, we give you the simple tools and templates to create a professional website, step-by-step tutorial, and SEO package to appear in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

Our reliable cloud servers will ensure that your website will function without interruptions, and responsive templates will make your dresses more presentable with product galleries and image sliders.

Online Booking and Reservation System

Nowadays, most people like to find dresses online. Let’s be honest; we first check the internet when we need a dress for a special occasion.

Reservety allows you to turn that trend into a profitable rental business. The online booking system lets your clients select the dresses, indicate the rental period, pick a delivery option, and pay with Visa, MasterCard, Authorize.net, PayPal, Square, Stripe, and others.

Booking and reservation system for dress rentals
Inventory management system for dress rentals

Inventory Management System

With Reservety, you can add all of your dresses to a digital database with variations in sizes and colors, label them with serial numbers, track their usage, and check their availability on the calendar system.

The inventory management system also lets you add new stocks, change existing ones, and add special notes for each dress and its accessories.

Order Management System

Order management system lets you view sales data, customer addresses, and billing information, approve or cancel pending orders, change rental periods, update order statuses, etc.

The system also allows you complete financial tasks easily. For example, it will enable you to apply additional charges or discounts to existing orders, set due dates, and send invoices and payment requests. Through the system, you can also add manual orders for walk-in clients who want to come to your store, try dresses, and book them on the spot.

order management system for dress rentals
Bundling system for dress rentals

Ability to Create Bundles

Dresses without accessories can be boring, and Reservety lets you demonstrate your fashion skills by allowing you to create bundles. For example, you can bundle matching necklaces, purses, or other accessories with your rental dresses and offer them under a package deal.

Reservety lets you create bundles by mixing rental items with sellable items. Do you want to sell lipstick or other makeup forms that go well with the dress? Done; you can do that with our software!

Customizable Checkout Pages

Reservety lets you modify the checkout pages based on your creativity or preference. You create and add input fields to obtain customer information such as an address, contacts, or any other information you want from the customer. Additionally, you can add related products, coupon code validators, instant quote calculators, and other features to your checkout pages.

calendar system for dress rentals

Availability Calendar

Reservety’s built-in calendar is connected to the inventory and order management systems. So, whenever someone rents a dress, the availability calendar records the transaction and shows it with a secured period. 

 The availability calendar lets you avoid double books and conveniently view which items are available or rented along with secured dates. You no longer need to go through stacks of paperwork to determine what is available in your warehouse. Plus, you can integrate your business calendar with Google Calendar.


Contract Management System

Ruined dresses are no fun. If someone damages a dress, you will face hefty costs. Therefore, you need to create your Terms & Conditions page to inform users about possible penalties for damages, late returns, or any other conditions you want to disclose.

Our rental software helps you create a T&C document and automatically displays it during checkout. Unless customers agree with it by putting a checkmark confirmation, the system will not let them finalize the deal.

contract system for dress rentals
Social media integration for dress rentals

Social Media Integration

Do you want millions of people to view your dresses? Then, you should be active on social media. However, posting social media content every single day can be time-consuming. Therefore, the software allows you to integrate your dress rental business with popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Once integrated, you can post the same content across all social platforms with a single click. Plus, you can feature a “share” button under your dress ads to let the customers share them with their close ones in seconds.

Rewards System

Giving rewards makes your customers loyal and incentivizes them to return for more dresses.

Reservety Dress Rental Software has a built-in rewarding system that distributes points based on the sales amounts. Using the system, you can set conversion rates for points, and customers can exchange their points for qualified items.

rewards system for dress rentals
reporting tools for rentals

Google Analytics and In-built Reporting Tools

Integration with Google Analytics will help you know clients’ demographics and locations. For example, analytics tools indicate the age groups, gender, race, and current locations, and you can use that data to run a successful marketing campaign.

The built-in reporting system generates daily, and monthly sales, financial, and inventory reports in minutes. Never miss the heartbeat of your dress rental business with reporting tools.

Tools to Create Promotions

Promotions may increase the number of dress renters, as discounts, newsletters, banners, catalogs, or special deals will attract greater attention.

Our Dress Rental Software has all the tools to create all of the mentioned promotions. Once the promotions are ready, you can send them to multiple people using Bulk SMS or Email campaigns.

promotion tools for dress rentals

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