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Are you an established company with several hundred rental cars or a small one with only five? The size does not matter. Reservety's Car Rental Software will automate your vehicle rental process and shorten the booking time from hours to minutes. And take the pressure off of the administrative workload.

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Reservety Makes it Easier to Grow Your Business

Integration with Google Maps

When your car rental is available on Google Maps, your website will show up in Google Search results when someone searches for keywords such as "Car Rentals in [area]" or "Car Rentals Near Me." Also, the integration allows your customers to find your business location more conveniently using their GPS.

Tools to create bonuses, discounts, and reward points

The software allows you to create catchy banners and newsletters, discount coupons, bonuses, and reward points! Not only that, the software instantly delivers all of those promotions into your clients' inboxes. No more one-by-one emailing!

Friendly Customer Service

Every time you need assistance, you will be dealing with experienced specialists—no robots or instruction scripts. Thanks to our customer-centered support, we consistently achieve 100% satisfaction from our clients.

Features You will Get with Reservety

Online Store to Showcase Your Rental Cars

As part of the Booking Software package, you will get a reliable cloud-hosting account and a fully customizable website to accept bookings 24/7.

There, you can post pictures or videos of your vehicles along with relevant information such as pricing, specs, instructions, etc.

Car Rental Software
Car Rental Payment Processor

Quick and Easy Payment Processing

You can now avoid payment-related inconveniences and limitations using Reservety’s Booking Software. It allows customers to pay with cash and online payment options such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Square, Stripe,, etc.

After the successful payments, customers will receive instant booking confirmations via email. At the same time, you will also receive notifications about the booking so you can start preparing the car for the client.


Booking and Reservation System with Deposits

The Booking System will let customers reserve or book vehicles for specific dates and hours in advance. Also, the system enables you to charge deposits or partial payments to make the booking more affordable.

The software also improves the user experience by letting customers to use computers, smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets to finalize their booking at the comfort of their homes.

Calendar system for car rentals

Calendar System to Monitor Activities of Your Rental Cars

It is essential to keep your valuable rental vehicles in your sight all the time. The software allows you to track the activities of each vehicle through a built-in availability calendar and scheduling system.

Each rental vehicle will be properly labeled with serial numbers when added to the digital database. Whenever cars leave the garage or come back, the system will record the activity in the central module. So, the system will mark it as either rented or returned.

Customizable Pricing Options with Quote Calculator

The system lets you post your cars with variations such as model, size, year, type, etc. You can easily assign prices for each variation. If you are charging taxes or additional service fees like deliveries and insurance, you can also add them there automatically.

Once the prices are set in the backend, quoting calculator on the checkout page will display the total price with precise information. You can add a coupon code processor to the pricing system to subtract discounts from the total costs.

Pricing tools for car rentals
Calendar and scheduling system for car rentals

Availability Calendar and Scheduling System

Once a customer books a car, the system automatically turns that vehicle off from the online store until it is returned.

The in-built calendar will display a list of available cars for each date, and you can make changes to the calendar for better management.

The scheduling system will let your customers secure the items for specific periods such as months, days, and even hours. The system will also allow you to block certain days and hours from booking, which is incredibly convenient for stopping rentals on holiday seasons and off days.


Order Management System to Streamline Rental Processes

By accessing the dashboard, you can confirm or cancel orders, change or update balances, issue discounts, add or remove items to/from existing orders, view customer information such as billing information, order history, address, and email payment requests invoices.

Additionally, the order management system lets you enter manual orders in case of in-store or over-the-phone bookings and generates reports on time-based sales data.

Order Management system for car rentals

Up-selling and Cross-selling Features to Maximize Your Profits

Most car rental businesses sell items or offer related products along with rental cars. That strategy maximizes your revenues and offers package solutions to meet the customers’ needs.

Reservety lets you feature “related products” on the checkout page or bundle your rental cars with additional services and products such as insurance policies, GPS devices, discount service vouchers, etc.


Analytical Tools to Track Your Progress

Effective marketing requires a great deal of research. Thus, Reservety links your website with Google Analytics, through which you can see your web visitors’ demographics and geographic locations.

Using precise reports, you can run successful marketing campaigns targeting the areas and demographics that show more significant potential.


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