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Car rental software with inventory tracking and reporting. Take real-time calendar bookings, accept deposits, rental agreements, invoices, online payments and several other features. Real-time vehicle tracking with detrack, performance and revenue reports. Google calendar integration, serials, warehouses and 200+ features to impress your customers with amazing booking experience. Free booking website with performance, hosting, and security updates. Get responded with your queries and technical needs instantly with 24/7 live chat support.

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Foster Time Management and Boost Productivity with Inventory Control in Hand

• Track cars and vehicle inventory usage and stock numbers
• Priorities Orders with Custom Booking Status
• Quick view bookings for a specific item on a particular date with color-coded booking view
• Mark sent or return items
• Check inventory lockout period and quickly communicate for bookings
• Reservation Reports
• Secure Inventory for specific date and period for a specific product
• Allow visitors to request and receive quotes
• Quick customer updates with order notes
• Sync Bookings with Google Calendar Integration

Car Booking Software with Exclusive Marketing Features

• Points & Rewards
• Generate Coupons & Gift Cards
• Wishlist Support for Video Rentals
• Affiliate Marketing with detailed reporting & tracking dashboard
• SMS marketing with bulk campaigning
• SEO support, analytics, and enhanced e-commerce
• Create Bundles, Packages, and More for accessories & addons
• Newsletter, Blogs & Autoresponder

Online Payments, Quoting and Invoicing Features

Ace Customer Satisfaction with Instant Quotes, Payments, and Customer Communication

• Allow visitors or guests to request and receive quotes
• Generate quick invoices with pre-built templates
• Accept payments with Stripe, Square, PayPal, and
• Quick update bookings with email updates to customers
• Control delivery and bookings with a period based fixed number booking
• Take in-store or over-the-phone orders easily.
• Schedule bookings and calendar, disable specific date, and period
• Accept deposits, charge damage fees, and waiver support
• User Roles
• Customer Communication Tools


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