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Are you offering outdoor and camping equipment such as camping tents, portable coolers and stoves, sleeping bags, trekking poles, backpacking gear, lights, solar chargers, and more for rent? Great people love nature, and your items will be in high demand! However, it would be best to use Reservety's Rental Software to showcase your products and streamline rental processes such as order management, payment processing, inventory management, bookkeeping, reporting, and administrative tasks.

Reservety Winning Features

Customizable Rental Inventory Reports

Invoices & Packing List with Custom Design

In-store, Phone, online and quote orders Support

Digital Contracts, E-Signatures, and Waivers

Pay online with Deposits or Pre-authorizations before rental dates

Customer Account with Memberships and Groups Support

Customizable emails and notifications

Stunning Website Design with Ecommerce support

Lighting fast and
Frustration free support

Reservety’s Popularity is Increasing...

There are hundreds of good reasons for it, but we will list just a few.

Quick Installation Process and Free Migration

For the setup, you just need to get a new domain or use the existing one, and the rest are self-explanatory. We also prepared a step-by-step video to walk you through the installation process. Already got a website? We will migrate it for you.

Reliable Cloud-Based Hosting

Business websites should work without interruptions. Therefore, we host your website on 100% reliable cloud-based servers, and we make sure your website is fast and secure all the time.

Customer-friendly Support

We stick to the idea that a customer is king, and that mindset guides us to be diligent and helpful during customer support sessions. To give the best support, we also appoint one specialist per account.

List of Features to Grow Your Camping
and Outdoors Equipment Rental Business

Outdoor and Camping Website

Cloud-based Online Store with Customizable Templates

Just select a new domain name for your business or use your existing one, and we will host it in our 100% reliable cloud server.

We give you simple tools and tutorials to build your professional website within hours. We also have customizable templates that will make your rental store accessible through most devices, such as computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Online Booking System with
Reliable Payment Solutions

With Reservety, you will start accepting bookings and reservations 24/7. The software makes the booking and reservation process super easy.

Your customers will be able to select an item from your online store, indicate rental duration, pick a delivery or shipping option, and pay with Visa, MasterCard, Authorize.net, PayPal, Square, Stripe, and other payment options.

Online Booking System with reliable payment solutions
Camping inventory management system

Convenient Inventory management

With our rental software, you can attach serial numbers to each inventory, add them to a digital warehouse, and monitor items’ availability and overall usage through your computer.

The inventory system syncs the information with the availability calendar so that you can view rented and returned items and their secured duration. Plus, you can easily add and remove stocks from inventory.

Fast and Easy Product Listings

You can list all your rental products with variations such as size, color, and other attributions. You can add product descriptions with catchy titles to inform customers about the product specs, suitability, and usage instructions. You can list products as individual items or bundles to simplify the shopping experience.

Shop Listing Outdoor and Camping
Delivery system for rentals

Tools to Set Up Rental Prices with Shipping and Tax Fees

Do you calculate your shipping fees and taxes and manually apply them to each order? What hassle! Now, you can add them to checkout pages automatically. After assigning prices for each rental item with timing variations, you can set shipping or delivery fees and add tax percentages to all products. You can even set tax exemptions for some instances.

Ability to Accept Deposit
and Full Payments

The software allows customers to pay deposits and full payments based on their selections. If you want your customers to pay 50% upfront and the other 50% when they return the item, you can do that with simple settings.

Plus, you can accept deposits as confirmation of the reservations. For example, if a client wants to reserve sleeping bags and an outdoor stove for particular dates, you can let them secure those items by requiring a deposit.

Accept Deposits

Customizable Invoices
and Booking Confirmation

With Reservety, you can create professional invoices by uploading your logo and digital signature. And you can send them automatically to customers based on assigned order statuses.

Reservety sends automated booking confirmation as soon as the booking is approved. The best thing is that the software allows you to create your email templates from scratch.

Notification System to
Keep Your Clients Updated

Effective communication is key to building a long-lasting business relationship. Considering that, we implemented a notification system into our software that allows you to send automated messages to your clients to notify them about order confirmations or cancelations, policy changes, approaching deadlines, new promotions, discounts, and other crucial updates.

Automated Email System for automatic notifications
camping gear rental integrations

Package of Marketing Tools

Reservety’s camping and outdoors equipment rental software has +200 features and tools.

Do you want to integrate your business with Google Analytics and AdWords, appear on local maps and social media platforms, or create bonuses, points, or discount coupons to grab your customers’ attention? Done; Reservety handles all!

Order Management System

The order management system handles the vast majority of administrative tasks. You can approve or cancel orders, view and change order details, and view customer information such as a physical address, billing information, and order history through the system. The system is also handy for extending rental periods, applying additional charges and discounts to accounts, setting due dates, updating order statuses, and sending payment requests or invoices to multiple customers.

Order management system for rental businesses
SEO tools

Grow with SEO Tools

No matter how well you design your website. If it is not optimized for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others, it is more likely to stay buried under your competitors. To make your website appear when people google the keywords like “Outdoors and Camping Equipment Rentals near me” or “Camping Equipment Rental in [area],” our software allows you to add meta titles, descriptions, and tags to your pages.

Social Media Integration

We know how time-consuming it is to manually post your rental products on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others, especially if you try to post them individually.

To ease that process, Reservety posts your content to all platforms automatically. Plus, it helps you feature “Like” and “Share” buttons under each rental product so your customers can click to join your fan page or notify their acquaintances about your products.


Google Analytics

You can view real-time, daily, weekly, and monthly traffic by simply linking your website with your Google Analytics account. Additionally, Google’s analytical tool will show your customers’ demographic and geographic details, such as ages, nationalities, and areas.

Using that data, you can run a successful marketing campaign targeting specific community groups.

Accurate Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting is complicated when you try to do it using paper and pen, and such a method is prone to errors. We have good news for you!

Reservety’s rental software can synch your sales data with QuickBooks or Xero for better accounting and bookkeeping. Never let administrative tasks drain your energy!

Xero and Quickbooks Accounting tools
coupon system

Promotion Tools

Creating customer incentives is the best way to bring in new and existing customers. Reservety’s Rental Software allows you to reward campers with redeemable points based on their business volume and set conversion rates for each point.

You can also create popup banners, newsletters, discount coupons, and bonuses and deploy up-selling and cross-selling features on your website.

Captivating Cabin and Cottage Rental
Templates to Choose From

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