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Are you renting out cabins and cottages in the countryside or relaxing environments?Then, it would be best to have Resevety's Rental Software because it helps to showcase your cabins and cottages to thousands of potential customers and lets your customers book those accommodations online 24/7.

Reservety Winning Features

Customizable Rental Inventory Reports

Invoices & Packing List with Custom Design

In-store, Phone, online and quote orders Support

Digital Contracts, E-Signatures, and Waivers

Pay online with Deposits or Pre-authorizations before rental dates

Customer Account with Memberships and Groups Support

Customizable emails and notifications

Stunning Website Design with Ecommerce support

Lighting fast and
Frustration free support

Why is Reservety So Popular?

Developed by Industry's Experts

we have a team of developers who have been in the rental industry long enough to understand what cabin and cottage rental businesses need.

Super Easy to Use

The software is so simple that even novice users can run their cabin rental business like real pros. If you need assistance to get going, view our step-by-step tutorials or request 101 support.

Hundreds of Integrations

Our software includes more features and tools than you realize. For example, you can connect your business with QuickBooks, Xero, Google AdWords, Google Calendar, and popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

Tools and Features to Enhance
Your Cabin and Cottage Rentals

Cabin and Cottage Rentals Online Store

Cloud-based Online Store

Our software has tools, pre-made templates, and tutorials to build your professional online rental store. The store installation process does not require coding knowledge. Once the store is ready, you can list your cabins and cottages with various prices and attractive galleries.

On the other hand, your customers can view your inventory, book or reserve, and pay for them using popular payment solutions such as Visa, MasterCard,, PayPal, Stripe, Square, and other payment options.

Inventory Management System

With Reservety, you can add all your cabins, cottages, and related products to your digital inventory management system. There, you can assign serial numbers, pictures, prices, and stock quantities for each product.

The inventory system also lets you add and remove products from your rental store and view the usage of each cabin or cottage by accessing the profile of individual inventories.

inventory management system for cabin and cottage rentals
Checkout pages

Pricing Tools with Instant Quoting System

It is much easier to price your cabins with Reservety because the software allows you to add them with variations (such as one room, two rooms, double bed, etc.) and assign different prices for each variation. Pricing tools also let you set additional charges such as taxes, service fees, etc.

The instant quotes system displays the total prices on the checkout page once a customer selects the facility and adds services and add-ons.

Ability to Bundle Your Cabins and Cottages with Related Items

Nowadays, people prefer conveniences even when they are out in nature. So, to make their stay more pleasant, you can bundle your cabin rentals with sellable services such as special meals, Wi-Fi, Pay-per-view TV, etc.

 The best thing is that the software allows you to create your bundles and set prices for them quickly. Apart from bundling, you can also display related products on the checkout pages.   

Bundle for cabins and rooms
Cabin and Cottage Booking System

Online Booking and Reservation System

Now, your customers can select cabins or cottages, pick a rental duration, and pay for them independently from your online store 24/7.

The booking system lets your customers secure accommodations for particular dates. In contrast, the reservation system allows customers to reserve their favorite cabins or cottages for specific dates by paying a deposit.

Availability Calendar with Ability to Block Dates

Availability calendar displays available and rented cabins and cottages along with secured dates. It lets your customers plan ahead and eliminates the risk of double booking.

The calendar feature also lets you block specific dates from the online booking system. It is a crucial feature if you decide not to rent your facilities during holidays or particular days of the week.

Availability calendar for cabin and cottage rentals
Reporting tools

Google Analytics and Built-in Reporting System

All businesses need to track their progress with accurate data as the data guides a company in making thoughtful decisions.

Reservety’s Rental Software has two reporting systems. The first is a built-in system that generates reports on sales, financial transactions, inventory usage, etc. The second is integration with Google Analytics which enables you to recognize your customers’ age, nationality, and overall demographics and pinpoint their locations.

Hour-Based Rentals

People should not be obliged to pay for the whole day if they attempt to stay in your cabin or cottage for only a few hours. Our software eliminates that obstacle by introducing hour-based rentals.

You will set hourly rates and overage charges in the dashboard with minute increments. The calendar will also work accurately with hourly rates and display open and secured hours on the calendar.

hourly bookings for cabin rentals

Professional Invoices and Instant Payment Requests

Our software generates invoices automatically, so you do not have to calculate the numbers manually. Also, you can personalize the invoices by adding your logo and digital signature. Additionally, you can send an email with payment requests or direct invoices bulk customers by accessing the order management system.

Customizable Checkout Pages to Enhance User Experience

Checkout pages should be user-friendly and straightforward. Some customers may leave it without finalizing the deals when it gets confusing. Thus, Reservety rental software lets you create professional, simple checkout pages for your cabin rental business.

You can add input fields to obtain customer information (such as physical address, billing information, age, gender, etc.) and deploy upselling and cross-selling features. You can even add a coupon code validator to allow your customers to apply qualified discounts during checkout.

Checkout pages
Order management system for cabin rentals

Order Management System to manage your cabin and cottage bookings

The system is an integral part of our software. It lets you accept and cancel orders, view customer information, order details such as rented items and rental periods, and change account balances.

The order management system is also handy for entering manual orders for in-person and over-the-phone clients, applying additional charges or discounts to existing orders, and updating order statuses.

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