Experience a New Beginning Using Bounce House Booking System

Our bounce house booking system offers unprecedented growth opportunities and many profits. Make use of our spectacular rental management features such as inventory management, payment gateway, and many more.

Use bounce house rental software to foster a new beginning
Attract more customers with point and reward system with bounce house booking system

Add a Flare to Your Promotion with Points and Reward System

Utilize our bounce house booking system capabilities to change the perspective of your customers. Create a point and reward system to woo the customers and generate more rentals for your business. Offer customers reward points for each of their rental and exchange it for some cool rewards.

Capture Customers by Delivering Special Prices with Quick Quotation

Hook your customers by offering the most affordable and budget-friendly quotes. With our bounce house inventory management software, it is all possible to send custom quotes rapidly. Make quick quotes and send them to customers within a quick time.

Quote Generation Screenshot1
Surveys and Forms
Multiple Payment Gateways Screenshot
Get free POS rental support with our bounce house booking system

Leverage the Power of Bounce House Booking System

Grow your business by tapping into an online or eCommerce medium. Expand your reach and build more customers with the aid of our free online shopping cart that comes with our rental system. Organize and rent inventory within minutes, backed by technological solutions.

Create personalized polls and forms to take input directly from customers. With our bounce house inventory booking system, it becomes effortless to improve your services or rental performance by understanding the customer’s perspective better. Make surveys and feedback forms and send them to customers for relevant words about your business.

Accepting payments in multiple currencies is no longer a pipe dream. With our rental system, it is wholly believable and possible to accept payments in any currency. Also, the rental system can adapt to perform in any language, both frontend, and backend.

Another great addition to our rental system is the POS rental feature. With our system, you can take in-store order without the hassle and complete flexibility. Easily feed customers’ detail into the system to process rental within a short period.

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