Booking and Scheduling System for Cleaning Businesses

Booking and Scheduling System for Cleaning Businesses

Reservety's Booking and Scheduling Software is ideal for cleaning businesses. It allows you to accept online bookings, schedule your daily tasks, and display all your appointments and available open times on a calendar system. The software also processes online and cash payments, lets you manage staff and customers, creates booking forms and professional invoices, allows you to send payment requests and notifications, and creates vouchers and discounts.

Why do Cleaning Businesses Prefer Reservety over Others?

Convenient Customer Management

Reservety makes it easier to manage your customers because it saves the customers' information and order history in to the system. Your customers can maintain the same account for the rest of the business.

Zero Missed Appointments

Our Booking and Scheduling Software records all the bookings in the calendar system, minimizing the risk of missed appointments.

Affordable Pricing

We provide over 200 features and tools for unbelievably low pricing. The best part is that Reservety is an all-in-one solution that can help you with booking, communication, payment processing, accounting, reporting, and marketing.

We Have Hundreds of Features to
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website and booking system for cleaning businesses

Cloud-based website to accept bookings 24/7

Nowadays, most people find cleaning services through the internet. So, Reservety wants you to take advantage of that opportunity. We provide tools, templates, and integration options to build your brand-new website on our reliable cloud-based servers.

Installing your new website is simple and does not require coding knowledge. Additionally, we provide step-by-step video tutorials to help you set up your website and start accepting the first batch of your customers within hours.

Calendar System for Accurate Scheduling

Once the system accepts new bookings, it automatically syncs that data with the calendar system. For example, when a client books your cleaning service for Saturday at 4 pm, the calendar system automatically records that appointment into the calendar system.

On the other hand, as manager of the cleaning business, you can view your daily schedules and set allowed booking per hour or date to avoid double bookings. You can also enter manual orders into the calendar and disable some dates and hours from bookings (e.g., during holidays, off-hours, etc.). Plus, the software lets you integrate your business with Google Calendars.

availability calendar
Order Management System for Cleaning Businesses

Order Management System

With Reservety, you can electronically manage all your cleaning service bookings and related administrative tasks. By accessing the order management system, you can view customer information (e.g., contacts, address, billing information), order details (e.g., type of service, date, etc.), payments, and account balances.

Moreover, the system lets you approve and cancel bookings, update order statuses, change orders, apply additional charges and discounts to accounts, send direct messages to customers, set deposits, and email payment requests and invoices.

Online Payments with Professional Invoicing

Reservety lets your customers pay with Visa, MasterCard,, PayPal, Square, and Stripe for bookings. You can also send customized payment requests for additional payments or manual orders.

Our booking software lets you create professional invoices for your cleaning service and deliver them to applicable customers through a built-in emailing system. The best part is that you do not have to calculate or type invoice amounts manually; the system auto-fills the number in seconds, retrieving data from account balances.

POS system for cleaning businesses

Ability to Serve Walk-in clients

Reservety’s Booking and Scheduling system allow you to accept cleaning service bookings in your office. For example, if George comes to your office to book your cleaning service for a specific date and hour, you can enter his booking manually through an office computer. You can also accept his cash or check payments and apply it to his account.

Flexibility to Price Your Cleaning Services

Cleaning businesses use different methods to price their services, and the most popular among them are hourly rates and rates per square foot. You can use both ways and create your customized package prices with Reservety.

Pricing Tools for Cleaning Businesses
Quoting system for cleaning businesses

Instant and Manual Quoting System

Before bookings, customers may want to see your rates or quotes for your cleaning services. Therefore, Reservety simplified the quoting process. Once you list your services with hourly or per square feet rates, the system will automatically display the quotes on the checkout page based on entered hours and measurements. You can also provide more accurate manual quotes by obtaining vital information about the projects through questionnaires or forms.

Ability to Sell Items

If your website has high traffic, why not sell them cleaning products? You can add an e-store to your booking website and list and sell various products.

Setting up the store is super convenient. You will add an inventory of products with prices and photos, assign shipping options with fees, and set area-based taxes for the automatic checkout.

Live Chat System for cleaning businesses

Live Chat System

Usually, cleaning service customers may want to talk to you directly. Therefore, Reservety’s Booking and Scheduling Software includes a live chat system that lets your customers get instant support onsite.

Additionally, the chat system enables you to exchange files. For example, if you want to see the areas that need to be cleaned, you can ask customers to send pictures of the premises as attachments. Plus, you can send invoices, contract forms, and quotes as an attachment through the chat system.

Tools to Create Discounts and Rewarding System

Giving incentives to existing and new customers can improve your revenues. With that mindset, we included tools to help you create discount coupons and coupon code validators to let your customers use those coupons during the checkout process.

Reservety also includes a built-in reward system that gives out points based on customer spending. By accessing the dashboard, you can set point distribution and exchange rates based on your preference, and the system will automatically deposit the points under customer accounts.

rewards system for cleaning businesses
SEO and Google Maps Integration for Cleaning Businesses

Google Maps and SEO Tools

Do you want to increase the number of customers? Then, it would be best to focus on improving your business visibility on Search Engines. Our software helps with that effort in two ways. First, it lets you add your cleaning business to Google Maps. As a result, your business will appear on most business maps when someone searches for nearby cleaning services.

Secondly, the software provides SEO tools to integrate your business with popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. Plus, it helps you easily add meta titles, descriptions, and tags to target specific search queries.

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