Booking and Scheduling software for photographers

Best Booking and Scheduling Software for Photographers

Are you owning a photography business and want to improve your schedules and revenues by transitioning to e-commerce? Great! Reservety developed all-in-one booking and scheduling software to streamline your business and reduce the booking process from hours to minutes. Using the software, you can accept online bookings, receive electronic payments from credit cards and e-wallets, communicate with potential customers onsite, and showcase your services and products through a professional website.

Why do Photographers Love
Our Software?

Easy to Setup and Manage

Our software does not require coding knowledge. Even people new to web development can set up their booking website and start serving their customers within a few hours. Plus, we are providing simple step-by-step tutorials to get you started.

Ability to Manage on the Go

We know photographers are always on the move, so they need to manage their business on the go. Keeping that in mind, we developed our photography booking and scheduling system to automate the bookings and organize all the business activities from a PC.

Over 200 Features and Tools

You won’t believe that we offer all that for a fraction of the cost that other companies offer. Even the best part, features, and tools are developed by industry experts who understand what would be essential for your photography business.

Here are the Features We Packed
into Our Software Bundle

Website for photographers

Professional Website to Accept Online Bookings

The software package includes web-building tools, customizable templates, and integration options to build your professional website on Reservety’s cloud-based platform. We simplified the setup process, and you only need to activate features, add relevant information to input fields, select suitable templates, and go live.

Your new website will allow you to showcase your photography portfolios, list your services with prices, enable customers to book your photography packages for specific dates and hours, and accept payments online.

Convenient Calendar System for Enhanced Scheduling

Reservety’s calendar system gets updated in real-time based on the bookings. For instance, if someone books your service for a particular date and hour, that period will be reserved in the calendar system, preventing further booking for the same period.

The system is super convenient for managing your time and scheduling your appointments. Because it displays your available and reserved timings with color codes and lets you add manual notes for each date to stay on top of your plans.

Scheduling System for photographers
Multimedia tools

Multimedia Tools to Showcase Your Portfolio

Most photography customers may want to see your portfolio before hiring you for their projects. Therefore, we have included multimedia tools such as image galleries, sliders, rotators, and slide-show players to showcase your portfolio more entertainingly.

Order Management System

Order management system reduces the burdens of administrative tasks. It lets you electronically approve and cancel orders, view customer information and order details, generate daily and monthly reports, and apply charges and discounts to accounts. Plus, it allows you to update order statuses, change order details, and request online payments with professional invoices.

Order Management system for photographers
Online Payment processor for photographers

Ability to Process Electronic and Cash Payments

With Reservety, you can accept electronic and cash payments with simple steps. Online customers can pay for their services with Visa, MasterCard,, PayPal, Square, and Stripe.

On the other hand, in-store clients can pay with cash or check, and you can apply for their payments directly to their accounts by entering manual orders through an office computer.

Fixed Hour Bookings

Our Booking and Scheduling Software lets photographers charge their clients for hourly rates. For example, if Cara wants to hire you or one of your photographers for his daughter’s birthday, she can book your service by selecting a date and hour from the calendar. The system will automatically charge the clients through a checkout process based on booked hours.

Fixed hour booking system for photographers
contract management system

Contract Management System

To operate legally and protect yourself from losses, you can create a Contract document with Reservety. Once it is ready, the system will display it to your clients during the checkout process to receive their consent.

Unless customers confirm their agreement by putting a checkmark, the system will prevent them from finalizing the bookings.

QuickBooks and Xero for Better Accounting

Regardless of business type, all companies need to keep track of numbers to evaluate their financial performances more accurately. However, calculations with paper and pen will take time and give you unnecessary headaches.

Our software allows you to integrate your photography business with reputable bookkeeping solutions such as QuickBooks and Xero. After the integration, the software will feed the platforms with essential sales data so you can manage your numbers quickly.

xero and cookbooks
e-commerce tools for photographers

Ability to Sell Items

Our booking and scheduling software is also suitable for selling physical products. Apart from your photography service, do you want to offer related products, such as photography lights, filters, cameras, lenses, and bags? No problem. The software lets you list your products with variations and prices and add an automatic shipping and tax calculator for the checkout process.

Instant Notifications

Reservety’s Booking and Scheduling software comes with a professional notification system. It enables you to inform your customers about specific activities and actions. For example, the system will send notification emails to inform customers about successful payments, confirmations, cancelations, policy changes, approaching deadlines, etc.

The best part is that the software enables you to create automated messages and have them automatically delivered to customers after certain activities and actions (e.g., after order status updates).

notification system for photographers
Marketing tools

Package of Promotion Tools

Your Photography business can go viral if you can utilize the right strategies. To improve the number of bookings, we included promotional tools to create popup banners, catalogs, and albums and a reward system to attract new and existing clients.

The software also includes upselling and cross-selling features, which will help you to increase your revenues by suggesting related products and services during the checkout process.

Social Media Integration

Being active on social media consistently can bring more customers to your business. Therefore, Reservety integrates your photography business with popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and others and automatically lets you share your works across all those platforms.

Additionally, you can feature a “share” button under your photography services so that customers can recommend your products to their families and friends with a single click.

Social Media Tools for photographers

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