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Fully Equipped Boat Rental Software

If you offer boats and related products for rent, you need Reservety's Boat Rental Software to sail in full gear!With Reservety, you can create your professional online store to showcase your boats, accept bookings and payments online, expand your market reach, and build a strong connection with your customers.

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Features that will make your rentals super convenient for you and your customers

Boat Booking System

Easy and Flexible Booking System

With the boat rental software, you can process online and offline bookings. Once a customer books a boat for a particular period, it will automatically appear in a calendar. To give the best customer experience to boat renters, you can set rental durations in hours, days, and months, assign prices for each, and accept bookings 24/7.


Take your rental business beyond your office hours!

Pricing Options and Instant Quotes

The first thing the boat renters will look at is your prices. So, Reservety gives you tools to price your equipment with variations, add additional charges like service and delivery fees, implement area-based taxes, and deploy a coupon code validator.


On the other hand, your clients can view the quotes instantly once they select the boats and the rental duration from the dropdown menu. For those who want boats to be delivered to a destination, you can implement mileage-based or flat-rate delivery fees featured in the quotes once the customer selects their area.   

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Order Management System

Reliable Order Management

Our order management system allows you to approve and cancel orders and view customer information such as contact numbers, billing, and shipping addresses.


You can enter manual orders through the system when you receive booking requests from the phone, email, and in-store clients. Plus, you can change or modify rental periods, remove or add products, apply charges and discounts to existing orders, and update order statuses.  

Accounting and Bookkeeping Tools to Manage Your Finances

Our Boat Rental Software integrates your business with QuickBooks and Xero, allowing you to manage your paperwork, transactions, and overall finances with great precision!

Each time transaction occurs, the system will sync it with accounting tools to produce valuable data and reports to track your progress, improve your weaknesses, and focus on your strengths.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Feature with Rental Software

Lightning Fast Invoicing

Do you create each invoice by hand and email them to customers one by one? Well, that sounds like crossing a wide river without a paddle.

Our Boat Rental Software automates your invoicing process. Firstly, you will create a professional invoice with your logo and digital signature, then send it to customers based on the order statuses.

Even the best part is that you do not have to calculate or input the numbers on invoices; the system will do it in seconds.

Quick and Easy Payment Processing

Customers no longer need to come to your office, pay over the phone, or mail checks. They can secure the boats for specific dates by paying with Visa, MasterCard, Authorize.net, PayPal, Square, Stripe, and other payment options. The software lets the customers pay full payments and deposits.

Payment Processing

Online Rental Store to Serve Hundreds of Boat Renters at Once

Nowadays, everyone likes to shop online, and you should not miss that trend. With Reservety, you can create your professional online store to showcase your boats, accept bookings and payments online, expand your market reach, and build a strong connection with your customers

User-friendly Checkout Pages

You can customize your checkout pages based on your preference. There, you can add fields for customers to input their shipping and billing addresses, item quantities, a rental calendar to indicate the rental period. 


Additionally, you can create selection boxes so customers can pick areas to calculate delivery fees and taxes and deploy a simple coupon code processor to deduct discounts from total costs automatically.

Upselling and Crossseling

Upselling and Cross-selling Features

The more exciting part is now you can increase your revenue by featuring upselling and cross-selling functions on the checkout pages. Cross-selling will recommend boat renters add-ons such as upgraded paddles, swimming suits, or other related items. At the same time, the upselling feature will suggest renters better and costlier boats.  

Keep Boat Renters Updated with Professional Emails

Reservety’s Boat Rental Software allows you to set automated emails that will be sent to clients after new orders, registrations, payments, failed or canceled orders, refunds, and much more.


The system also allows you to create and send notifications about sent and returned items, past due amounts, approaching deadlines, and many other notices to keep your clients updated.

Automated Email System for automatic notifications
Chat system for boat rentals

Convenient Live Chat System

The software gives you a live chat system, so customers can contact you instantly if they have questions or concerns. It also allows you to exchange pictures, invoices, and other documents. 

Contract Management

A clear terms & conditions page will make your boat rentals more transparent and protect you from lawsuits.


Reservety’s Boat Rental Software allows you to create T&C pages and have your customers read and agree on them in the checkout or invoicing process. 


By marking the contract agreement checkbox, your customer will agree with your rental terms.

Contract for boat rentals
Boat Bundle

Ability to Post your Boat as Bundles

With Reservety, you can create bundles and package deals to simplify the shopping experience. For example, you can bundle the boat with additional items like safety gear, fishing poles, GPS trackers, or even insurance policies.

Rent out your Boats with Hourly Rates

Now it is possible to rent out your boats for hourly periods. The software allows your customers to pick their hours from a calendar and book them instantly. You, as a renter, can track the hours from your computer and charge automatic fees for late returns.

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Stunning Boat Rental Management
Software Templates to Choose From

Boat Rental Template
Boat Rental Template
Boat Rental Template

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