Best Equipment Rental Software

Best Equipment Rental Software

Rental Industry is a thriving sector that continues to be lucrative yet rewarding for businesses. With the persistent increase in the pricing of products, customers are moving to affordable options. Equipment Rental is an incredible way to use & experience items without owning them. It not only serves the purpose but also lowers the cost too by replacing the need to buy the product.

This fact made rental space one of the booming billion-dollar industries. This rampant growth in the rental sphere pushed entrepreneurs to explore relentless opportunities. While having your own business sounds like a daydream and offers a lot of freedom, but this isn’t a bed of roses. At every step, you have to deal with possible challenges and hurdles that make operating the business a daunting task. You need to be close to perfection to establish and scale your business. This task is not easy when you have many functions in your hands and work as a solo performer.

Things can turn up messy and scary sometimes. So you got to have a backup to count on that can help you support and manage your rental business. This point is where rental management software comes into the picture. Rental software comes in handy when you need to serve undivided attention across many aspects of your business. It saves you time and streamlines your rental business. Thus, keeping your business always on track and making it a profitable venture.

1. Reservety - Equipment Rental Software

Reservety is comparatively new, but its ease, functionality, and powerful features remain unmatched. Backed by the vast years of experience in rental space. And a clear aim to make the online rental management process easy for customers, it is what formed the basis of the development of Reservety. Reservety, with its ton of stunning and intuitive features, has a clear edge over its competitors. Some of the features that set-apart this rental management software from others are:

Reservety Bounce House and Inflatable Rental Software with 200+ party rental features

Pro Features of Reservety:

  • Inventory Management and Tracking– Reservety makes the inventory management and tracking process a sheer joy for you. With its clean and straightforward dashboard, track all orders from a single window. This feature looks pretty much like those of other rental software, but it is not the case. Filter the orders as per date, customer name, product name or code, and reservation status. Thus, it makes sure no rental items remain untracked. From a rental owner’s point of view, it is an exceptional feature when there are a ton of products and the need to track specific ones.
  • Besides managing and tracking your bookings, you can change the reservation status. After the rental, once customers return the equipment, and inventory is instantly updated. This is not all; you can quickly generate inventory reports in your preferred format. Generate reports such as XLSX, doc, or pdf which can use in reports and managing to ship. Hence, it is quite distinct in its functionality and performance.
  • Online Rental Store with drag and drop builder– An online store is a place where most customers land and make a reservation. It is the first element that pushes customers to whether to rent from you or not. So, space should be appealing at the same time smooth and functional. This element can make a positive impression of your brand on customers. Although, most of the rental software like EzRentOut and Booqable offers an online store. The hosting and maintenance cost for rental companies is hard to afford. Reservety as a savior offers a free online website builder. It not only cuts down the cost of building and maintaining a rental store but also takes care of scheduling. And, eventually, save and manage your time. Thus, choosing Reservety for your business means added advantage over the competitor.
  • Specific Reservation period-Reservety makes it easy for the rent managers to create a reservation for a particular period. There is a time when the customer needs equipment on alternative days and dates. Thus, it requires a skipping date and making a custom booking schedule for renting equipment. So, the customer isn’t charged for more days than he wants. At times, it can make reservations for a particular period considering the working hours. Most of the other rental software doesn’t offer you the luxury to do this, but Reservety does it all.
  • Shipping and Delivery-Whether you operate from one property location or multiple ones, the rental companies have to keep the products available. The product should be available as close to the customer as possible. The customer hates long waiting times, so making sure products deliver to the customer quickly. Make sure from the moment they make a reservation, they can easily track it. Achieve this goal by making the product available through many warehouses.
  • Reservety creates various shipping zones with custom prices for each of them. Alternatively, you can also create flat-price shipping for all the zones. There are other super-powerful features like scheduling pickup from a custom location. In case, the business operates on a large scale with multiple warehouses and pickup locations. You can easily add various picking and warehousing option. Plus, you can enable routing, which lets your customers review their bookings via Detrack integration. These features make a huge difference by adding flexibility for the customers who are busy with their routine stuff. 
  • Merchant Services and Payment Gateways Integrations-Integrating many payment options in an online rental store works exceptionally well. This rental software supports 30+ payment gateways to accept and manage payment globally anywhere. This feature makes its competitors stand nowhere in terms of payment management. It includes some of the most popular payment platforms like Square, Authorize .net, PayPal, Stripe, Direct bank transfer, and cash on delivery. Setting up payment is quick and easy, and 24/7 customer support is always at your hand to help you out. While these all features sound like too many. Reservety has other super exciting features to deliver superior performance for companies.
  • Make Your Business Simplified-Reservety comes with endless possibilities to make rental management simplified and easy. When you have two websites- First for the company and second to take bookings, it could be tough to handle and manage both with limited resources. It takes both time and money out of your pocket. Here Reservety presents a possible solution to migrate your existing website. It can migrate from any of the popular platforms like Wix, Shopify, Magento, and Prestashop. Thus, merging each of the sites into a single platform will save your money, energy, and time to serve both.
  • Take In-Store Reservations-The business owners to have to be ever ready for every possible opportunity that comes their way. At times, when patrons find a way to your store, and you should find a way to make a reservation. Taking orders manually can be time-consuming. Hence, Reservety can be a fabulous way to take in-store orders with an integrated POS solution, which makes a taking point of rental quickly.
  • Invoicing with your Favorite Tools-Accustomed to using popular accounting software like Xero, Quickbooks, and others? With easy Xero & Quickbooks integration, easily track your cash flows while enjoying functionality.
  • Other Great Features-Efficiently take orders with your smartphone calendar with Google calendar integrations. Plus, Features like SMS notifications quickly updates the status of orders, when a customer makes reservations.

Cons of Reservety

Reservety has no missing features or shortcomings. In fact, you can ask for a custom feature and we will have it.


Reservety has 3 plans. Seed $28/MonthGrowth $78/ Month, & Mobiliz $188/month.

The “Seed” plan comes with essential rental features perfect for starting ventures. Plus, you get a rental website with hosting included and dedicated 24/7 chat support.

The other plans are best for growing businesses. These plans include additional features such as Quickbooks, Xero, enhanced e-commerce tracking and reporting, additional storage, personalized app, and more. You can check complete plans and features on the pricing page.

2. Booqable

Booqable is among the rental management software that has been for quite a long time in this space. Booqable software was developed in 2014 focuses on every business size. The software promises to solve the predicaments faced by rental managers. It helps wipe out the complexities involved in handling the rental company. Booqable’s simplified and minimal design caters to the need of many rental segments. This software combines modern technology and smart design essential to manage a rental business. Some of the features Booqable have:

Booqable - Equipment Rental Managament System for Small Businesses

What are the advantages of Booqable equipment rental software?

Inventory management -Booqable lets rental managers, keep track of all your valuable inventories and manage them from a single dashboard. It not only manages inventory but also can create product variations, updating, and pricing updates.

Document Creation -Booqable incorporates ultra-modern technology. It is capable of generating rental agreements, invoices, tax statements, and other documents. It eliminates the need to spend time in long lines to complete documentation. Plus, you can customize the document and create beautiful designs. Also, it can send them to the patrons in one click. Thus, it is one of the simplified features of this software.

Online Store -It offers you a choice to take your business online. An online store combined with the online booking system for the rental process. The customers can choose and rent products within minutes. Thus create a phenomenal user experience.

 Multiplatform Integration-This software integrates with popular platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, Weebly, and Squarespace.  

Currency Support -The rental software allows acceptance in local currency. It has pre-built support for many currencies to accept and process payments.

Discounts-A striking feature is creating and applying discounts on existing or new orders. This feature helps improve customer loyalty and gain more exposure to the business.

Order Scheduling-Scheduling orders are subject to the availability of the products in the inventory. With automated availability and pricing calculation, schedule orders and reserve products quickly.

Customer Database-Booqable makes it easy for business owners to maintain and use the database of consumers. Use it to the greatest to see order history, contact information, and create specific discounts for customers.  

What are the disadvantages of Booqable rental software?

  • The major setback of Booqable is that it doesn’t allow partial payments before rental orders. This way, your consumers have to pay upfront or after receiving orders. This gap could refrain the customers from making rental orders and leave immediately.
  • As there is no mobile app or mobile version available, it is quite challenging to work on this software.
  • Organizing products can be as challenging as no way to group inventory products as per the category.
  • If you operate your rental business with varied pricing on many events, days, or weekends. Setting up custom pricing will not be easy because it still lacks those features.


The basic plan starts with Essential $35/month in which you get no essential reporting and scanning feature. Plus, limited support. To get more features you have to upgrade to Pro $95/month or the Premium $299/month plan. Learn more about it. 

3. EzRentOut

EzRentOut is another one in our recent recommendations for its interface. EzRentOut is a cloud-based rental management software that makes it easy for customers to book rental equipment. It developed keeping the precise need of many industries in mind. 

As the software is intuitive and highly customizable, it becomes an all-in-one solution to empower several sorts of rental businesses. The businesses range from construction rental, property rental, audio-video, party, event rental, IT rental, and sports rental. While you operate in any of these rental industries, it is imperative to keep every segment and department of your business optimized. So you can not only save your time but also can focus more on patrons and growing your business. EzRentOut has got many features that address each of your plights in keeping your business forward. learn more about features:

Ezrentout- Rental software for Parties, Events, AV Equipment and More

What are the advantages of EzRentOut rental software?

  • Order management: It allows you to create, manage, and schedule all your orders from a single dashboard. This is an exciting feature that comes in handy while operating the rental business.
  • Easy Invoicing: Whenever items are rented, it automates invoicing creation, generation, and customization process. It also helps to track payments of existing orders with the aid of an invoice tracking system. Moreover, it sends the generated invoice to customers. Hence, saves a big chunk of time.
  • Staff Performance: Employee performance is a critical metric. It helps rent managers to identify potential pitfalls and challenges in the growth of the business. This becomes crucial when you need to achieve the necessary milestones. So, it highlights the profitability and success of the company. This rental software delivers a quick report on your employee’s performance. So you can perform tweaks and turn the needle on your side.
  • Invoice Designer: Generating clean and beautiful invoices are pretty straightforward. This software has a remarkable attribute to be a professional designer.
  • Bookings: Create, schedule, and track all in advance or the moment when your customer demands. This software solves all your worries. It frees you from the hassle of managing manual rental for your equipment.
  • Inventory Management: Rental assets are a significant part of any rental business. EzRentOut rental software shows inventory status, state, maintenance, and location with ease.  
  • Android and iOS Mobile Apps: The EzRentOut Rental software add flexibility to control the rental business. It also comes with its dedicated android and iOS smartphone apps. Wherever you are, completely take control of every aspect of the rental business with an app.
  • Online Store: It is imperative to have an online store to take orders. The online store helps by driving prospects to your website. EzRentOut offers a professional rental webpage to showcase all assets in one place. Thus, it makes it easy for patrons to make a reservation. Yet, creating an online store is not free. It entails a cost in hosting, maintenance, and marketing of the website.
  • Location Tracking: Locating rental assets can be a pain when they float from one on-site project location to another. This feature lets you identify and manage all your equipment. So, they are not lost or damaged while in the rental process.

What are the disadvantages of EzRentOut rental software?

  • While it is easy to work but at times you need to check performance and accounts. And, you need to have consolidated reports. The report must showcase each of the details such as rental fees, time, taxes, shipping and delivery charges, and other costs. If you are looking for those features in this software, you would get disheartened.
  • If you are a big fan of customizing things the way you want them to work, unfortunately, you would not be able to do it with this one. There are many features with little possibility of customization. For example: If you want to ship products as per your flexibility and not the date, software prescribes. You cannot do that.
  • Missing features include Google tag manager functionality, ordering filtering by return dates, etc.

How much EzRentOut software cost?

There are 3 Pricing plans. With a standard plan of approx $50/month, you get limited features. There is no choice of online rental store, reports generation, credit card payments. To get more features like these ones, you have to upgrade to more expensive plans of Plus $135/month and Premium $225/month. Compare and learn about each before choosing. 

4. Rentman

Rentman is cloud-based rental management software reviewed on the list. The rental software is precisely developed for the audiovisual equipment rental industry. Rentman certainly increases productivity across all the departments. Also, it helps speed up collaboration with its next-generation software system. This rental software is suitable for all business size to manage any events. It can work with concerts, conferences, seminars, festivals, weddings, and other occasions.

Rentman creates the perfect ambiance for events by efficient management of all the resources. Thus, contributing to accomplishing a successful event. Some of the noteworthy features of the rental software are:  

Rentman - All in one event rental management system

What are the advantages of Rentman rental software?

  • Project Management-Rentman enables us to complete projects way faster by improving team collaboration and communication. Once you set up any plan, it quickly facilitates equipment for the desired job. Besides, it rapidly generates quotes and invoices for the same. This feature isn’t all; schedule rental resources at different times and locations. 
  • Warehouse Management– If you have a large set of equipment in your inventory, managing and controlling each of them can be a daunting task. The Rentman elevates your warehouse productivity by swiftly scanning QR codes. It can also generate packing slips, invoices, and track damaged items.
  • Repair and Inspections-It assure that each of your equipment produces cash flow. It does this by efficient management of all rental equipment. In case any of the rental equipment requires repair. It can quickly notify about it.
  • Crew Planning and Communication-Time management is the key to generate more profit out of the rental business. With crew planning and communication features, you save time looking for the right person to move and transport all the equipment.
  • Equipment Planning-Managing stock level becomes absolutely comfortable with automatic stock updating features. Moreover, it automates the cost calculation process whenever you plan for new or existing equipment in the inventory.
  • Quoting and Invoicing-Creating a professional document is what sets you apart from your competitor. With Rentman, entrepreneurs can quickly generate professional-looking invoices, quotes, and reports. Plus, it becomes easy to send simple, fast, and accurate quotes for the customers.  

What are the disadvantages of Rentman rental software?

  •  As per our reviews:  

    • The biggest shortcoming is it needs an internet connection to operate. Any fluctuation or connectivity issue can ruin the chances of effective and efficient management.
    • There are various features that make rental easy, but from the sales side, you don’t have many choices.
    • The software works unexpectedly slow while searching for products in databases through QR Codes.
    • The software doesn’t support many languages.


Rentman has 3 pricing plans: first is Lite $35/month with limited support, customization, and data import. To get more features, you need to upgrade to Classic $65/month and Pro $75/month

5. Event Rental System (ERS)

A web-based management software that automates the event rental management process. The event rental system (ERS) works precisely to take reservations & showcase’ real-time availability. It works with smart add-ons to provide you with many features. Some features are customer surveys, reports, electronic marketing, scheduling, and routing tool. This software is easy to work with. Access it from anywhere with an internet facility and even from your phone. Some of the features of the Event Rental System (ERS) are:

Event Rental System

What are the advantages of Event Rental System equipment rental software?

  • Automated scheduling, routing, and load sheets-ERS offer complete automation of scheduling process, routing, and loading sheets. Thus, easily track booking and reservation from point of reservation to the point of delivery.
  • Tax, demographics, and sales reporting-ERS can generate insight reports for much any part of the rental business. With quick reports of demographics, taxes, or sales,  Take charge of your business.
  • Digital Contracts-From the consumer’s POV skipping desk hours waiting for bookings and documentation is critical. ERS can reduce the hassle of manual documentation. It helps by automatically generating digital contracts for your customers.
  • Real-time online ordering-Consumers can book their products in real-time with a complete easy to set-up website. The website is a great way to grow your online presence and take orders while you sleep.
  • Automated marketing tools-ERS offers automated marketing tools for rent managers. So, make sure you outrank your competitors and can dominate the online world.

What are the disadvantages of Rentman rental software?

  • As per our reviews:

    • The software needs much attention to showcase insight information. It provides minute details like routing, which is crucial from customer point-of-view.
    • Limited functionality to generate coupons, promo codes.
    • Tax calculation can be frustrating as the software works with the default tax rate. If your tax rate system is different, then this software is of no use for cost calculation.

How much does Event Rental System software cost?

The reviewed prices are pretty high as compare to others which starts from $70/month to $500/month. 

6. Rentmy

A complete rental booking and management solution for business owners. It alone can move your rental business forward. Rentmy offers rent managers an intuitive dashboard, superb performance, and flexibility to track and organize items. Some of the reviewed features of Rentmy are:

Rentmy - Web Based Equipment Rental Software

What are the advantages of Rentmy rental booking and inventory management software?

  • Real-Time Rental Booking -Rentmy makes it easy to take rental booking online or in-store with the rental store and POS solution. This trait makes your rental process optimized and super-fast and ultimately saves time.  
  • Add Rental Functionality to Any website  -By installing a WordPress plugin, you can easily add functionality to rent equipment easily. So, customers can efficiently complete bookings from your website within minutes.  
  • Mobile-Friendly -Rentmy is designed to perform exceptionally well online on mobile. With a mobile-optimized design, you can take orders on the go and can manage all your store operations.  
  • Customer Relation Management -It is easy to interact, help, and take feedback from your customers. Rentmy, with its flawless operations, can be a new trailblazer in the CRM segment.  
  • Social media Integration -With this feature, you can easily share your rental products and customer responses over social media platforms.

What are the disadvantages of Rentmy equipment rental software?

  • As per our reviews:

    • There is no way to generate custom pricing for businesses in case you work with different pricing.
    • There is no feature of scheduling orders on custom dates.
    • Entice customers with many discounts, coupon codes, promotions, you are likely to face a setback. As no feature allows you to generate discount codes for specific events.


There are 4 pricing plans. The starter plan of $44/month excludes technical support, hosting, and merchant processing options. For more features, you have to upgrade to bronze, silver, and platinum plans. 


Technology has transformed the way we live our life. Having fascinating rental software for your business is a promising move. The move is what every business owner and the customer would appreciate. Choosing the best rental software could be a tough bet when each of the software has many similar features. And, each of them incorporates pretty much identical technology in accomplishing those functions. It all boils down to the cost-effective rental solution, which is lucrative & effective for rent managers.

Reservety has a clear advantage over other software by offering a free website. It also involves no hosting, development, and maintenance costs. This fact is although a small part of a bigger picture but has a significant impact on your business. The rental store is the first line of contact where customers interact, explore, and book the rental equipment. Having a free easy to build a website is equal to half the job done.

Additionally, Reservety possesses excellent features like creating a specific promotion and loyalty program. These features create a massive difference from a customer experience point of view. Having loyal customers for any business means repeated customers and, thus, enormous profit. Most of the other software doesn’t hold such features. So, it has a clear edge over others. Making the right move to choose the perfect software can be a decisive step to meet rental success. It takes only the right tool, an ideal strategy, teamwork, and passion for becoming the smartest in your niche.  

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