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Reservety's Rental Software is an all-in-one solution to start or enhance a Beach Equipment Rental business. Convenient features and simple tools will let you easily rent out your beach chairs, coolers, umbrellas, and watersport goodies such as paddleboards, surfboards, kayaks, lifejackets, and much more through an online rental store.

Beach Equipment Rental Software
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Quick Installation Process

After purchasing a suitable package, you can build your online rental store within minutes. And you will complete your professional website and go live within hours.

Free Migration

If you already have a website and domain, we will seamlessly migrate them to our platform for free.

Customer-First Strategy

We value our customers equally, so we are focused on providing top-of-notch customer support regardless of the size of the businesses. Concisely, start-up rental businesses will also get the same quality support as the big companies.

We Have a Package Full of Features to Streamline Your Business

Website for Beach Equipment RentalS

Cloud-based Online Store with Customizable Templates

Select a new domain name for your business or use your existing one, and we will host it in our 100% reliable cloud server.

We give you simple tools and tutorials to help you build your professional website within hours. We also have a package of customizable templates that will make your rental store more accessible through most devices, such as computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Online Booking System

The booking system allows your site visitors to rent essential beach items from your online store. It lets customers choose products, select shipping methods, and enter their destinations to finalize the booking process.

Once the customers agree with the automatic quotes, they can pay for the items using Visa, MasterCard,, PayPal, Square, Stripe, and other payment options. After the successful payments, the system automatically sends booking confirmation to the customers.

Booking System for Beach Rentals

Order Management System

Using the order management system, you can update order statuses, change payment balances, and view or modify customer information such as address and billing information.

Additionally, you can approve or cancel orders, set due dates for payments, email payment requests, view time-based transactions and order history, enter manual orders, apply charges and discounts, etc.

Inventory Management System to Control Your Beach Equipment

The inventory management system allows you to add beach equipment and related rental products to a digital database, categorize them based on size, color, or brand, set stock quantities, and label them with serial numbers.

The system records the inventory usage in the calendar system, allowing you to view the availability of beach equipment and remaining stock quantities for each calendar date. If needed, you can add or remove the items from the inventory and add reminders and picture galleries.

Inventory Management System for Beach Equipment Rentals
Accounting and Bookkeeping tools for rentals

Integrations with QuickBooks and Xero

Once the system records transactions, it syncs them with your bookkeeping tools, such as QuickBooks and Xero.

You no longer need to be buried under stacks of paperwork as the system automatically calculates revenues, expenses, and taxes. You can retrieve the information from the system whenever you need a report on your sales performance.

Offer Beach Equipment as Bundles

A wide range of equipment can turn beach vacations into a joyful experience. Therefore, you can create bundles by adding several items from your inventory and offering them a package deal.

Additionally, you can set up-selling and cross-selling features to have your customers rent more stuff. For example, if a customer books a beach umbrella, the system automatically displays beach chairs, coolers, and foldable tables as related products.

Calendar System for Beach Equipment Rentals

Calendar System

The calendar system displays available rental items for each date and hour. For example, if someone books a Sea-Doo watercraft for a Sunday afternoon, it will be locked for that period in the calendar. As a result, you avoid double bookings and view the available items in real time.

You can also block bookings on specific dates or hours, and that feature is incredibly convenient during the off-season or non-work hours.

Easy Pricing Tools with Instant Quoting System

Using simple tools, you can add your beach equipment with variations and assign prices for each. Then, you can set up shipping or delivery options with extra fees such as tax, handling fees, etc.

Instant Quoting System will automatically indicate the total price for the selected items after a customer picks a shipping option and enters their destination. The quotes will appear on the checkout page.

Pricing Tools for Beach Equipment Rentals
Reservation Deposits for rental businesses

Ability to Accept Deposits and Payments in Installments

With Reservety, you can accept deposits and partial payments, schedule the next payments, and send automated messages to notify customers of approaching deadlines.

The deposits will help you to validate the reservations. For example, you may require customers to pay 30% of the total price as a deposit if they want to reserve parasailing gear for a particular calendar date.

Fixed Hourly Rentals

Some people may only want to rent your beach equipment for part of the day. So, you can offer your rental items at hourly rates with our software. To activate the feature, you must set hourly rates for each item and assign late fees for overages with minute increments.

For example, if John books lifejackets for 5 hours and brings them back 45 minutes late, the system will automatically charge late fees for additional 45 minutes.

Hourly Booking System for Beach Equipment Rentals

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