Booking and reservation system for A&V equipment rentals

All-in-One Software for Audio, Video, and Lighting Equipment Rentals

Reservety offers unique Rental Software to rent out your Audio, Video, and Lighting equipment through a professional online rental store. The software lets you list your rental products with booking and reservation options, serve online and in-store clients, automate paperwork processes, process online and offline payments, etc.

Reservety is Ideal for Your Business

It does not Require Coding Knowledge.

You can build your rental store and go live within hours. Activating the features is also super easy, and you do not need sophisticated technical knowledge.

Affordable for Small Businesses

We packed over 200 features into our software. You are getting great value for an affordable price.

Let You Manage Your Business Remotely

Even if you are not in your office, you can still manage your rental business remotely using your PC.

List of Features to Grow Your Audio, Video, and
Lighting Equipment Rental Business

A&V and lighting equipment rental system

Rental Store to Serve Online Clients

As part of the software package, you will receive a reliable cloud-based hosting account and a wide range of tools and pre-made templates to build your professional rental store quickly.

Once ready, your new website will enable you to serve online customers by allowing them to book your Audio, Video, and Lighting equipment online, communicating with them on-site, and processing their payments and orders electronically.

Inventory Management System to Stay Connected with Your Rental Equipment

The inventory management system allows you to add all your Audio, Video, Lighting Equipment, and other related products to an electronic warehouse with unique serial numbers. So, each time an item gets rented or returned, the system syncs the transactions.

Using the system, you can easily add and remove items from inventory, update stock quantities, add special notes (e.g., maintenance records) and reminders (e.g., inspection dates), and assign pictures and instructions for each item.

Inventory Management system for AV equipment rentals
calendar system for AV equipment rentals

Convenient Calendar System to Avoid Double Bookings

The calendar system works in coordination with Inventory and Order management systems. As a result, the software reflects every transaction in the availability calendar. The calendar indicates available items with quantities for each calendar date. If a particular item is out of stock, the system automatically turns it off from the listings to prevent double bookings.

Simple Booking and Reservation System

The booking system lets your customers choose equipment from the inventory, indicate rental duration, select shipping method or delivery option, enter their destination, and pay with a credit card or e-wallet.

The reservation system also works similarly. If your clients want to reserve Audio or Video Production Equipment for an upcoming event, they can secure the items for the calendar date by paying a deposit.

Booking System for A&V and lighting equipment

Live Chat System for Enhanced Communication

A reliable communication channel is vital to building a strong connection with potential customers. Some customers may want to ask questions and clarify their concerns before booking the equipment.

For that regard, we included a Live Chat system in our software. It will help you establish quick and real-time communication and exchange files, such as pictures, invoices, documents, etc., on-site.

Ability to Process Cash and Online Payments

Offering several payment options increases your chances for more rentals. Therefore, Reservety can process both online and offline payments. If you receive in-store clients, you can enter their orders manually through the office computer and apply their cash payments to their accounts.

On the other hand, online customers can book and reserve items in the comfort of their homes by paying with Visa, MasterCard,, PayPal, Square, Stripe, and other options.

Payment Processing for Audio Video Equipment rentals
SEO tools for AV equipment rentals

SEO Package to Increase Your Business Visibility

Reservety’s Rental Software has built-in SEO tools to add meta titles, descriptions, and tags to your website and connect it with popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Increase the traffic to your site by simply doing SEO. For example, SEO will help you to appear in higher spots in search results when people search the queries such as “Audio, Video, and Lighting Equipment Rentals near me” or “A&V equipment rentals in [area].”

Order Management System

Order Management System simplifies the paperwork process. It allows you to view and retrieve order details, customer information (e.g., contacts, addresses, and billing information), order history, account balances, and order statuses.

Moreover, you can approve and cancel pending orders, apply charges and discounts, extend rental periods, add or remove items to/from existing orders, and send payment requests.

Order Management system for equipment rentals
Notification system for lighting equipment rentals

Professional Notification System

Reservety’s built-in notification system informs your customers about important events and actions. You can set up automated messages to notify customers about order status changes, order confirmations, cancelations, shipping updates, policy changes, upcoming deadlines, successful or failed payments, etc.

Ability to Bundle Your Audio, Video, and Lighting Equipment

We all know that meetings, parties, and many other occasions require more than one piece of equipment. To simplify the rental experience and offer all the essential products in a single pack, you can bundle your rental gear with other relevant items and offer them under a package deal.

For example, you can bundle professional cameras with filters, lights, lenses, tripods, and support systems using our software.

Bundling system for Audio, video, and lighting equipment rentals

Professional Invoicing System

Your Audio, Video, and Lighting Equipment Rentals need a professional invoicing system to bill your customers accurately. Traditionally, businesses have created invoices by calculating and typing the numbers by hand.

Reservety makes the invoicing process super easy. Firstly, it lets you create your personalized invoices by uploading your logo and digital signature. Then, it inputs the numbers automatically by retrieving the balances from customer accounts. Lastly, the system lets you send it to applicable customers using a reliable emailing system.

Automatic Shipping and Tax Calculator

With Reservety, you can automatically charge shipping fees and taxes during checkout. To activate the features, you need to add shipping options with fees and area-based tax percentages.

After the successful setup, the checkout page will calculate the shipping and taxes based on the customers’ destination and selected items. You can also offer mileage-based shipping if you do the local deliveries yourself.

Tax and Shipping Calculator
surveys for rentals

Survey and Review System

Do you want to improve your business by listening to customer feedback? Then you should use Reservety’s survey and review system, which comes as part of the software.

You can create professional surveys by adding your questions and then send them to all of your customers at once using the Bulk emailing system. The review system is also handy as it lets your customers leave reviews on your rental Audio, Video, and Lighting Equipment.

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